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High Meadows Releases Radiant New Single "Through The TV"

High Meadows is a brand new act from Peoria, Illinois. They love to make music that can transcend genres by fusing sounds from all of their favorite artists. Their members are Griffin Georges and Jon Devries. High Meadows has been working on getting their music together for over a year, and they could not be more excited to release it out into the world. For the near future, High Meadows is planning a tour and yet more music releases. They sincerely hope their music resonates with their listeners and could not be more excited to release their first tunes into the world!

BuzzMusic presents a single by High Meadows called “Through the TV”. With the light and breezy guitars, mellow beat, and soaring vocals, this song creates an atmosphere of sheer bliss. Elements of psychedelic, rock, and blues all come through, making their description of fusing genres apparent. The vocals are delivered with warmth, the guitars are played with delicacy, and the overall vibe of the song is fantastically balanced. With the fusion of multiple genres and a contemplative mood, this song creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. We can’t wait to hear what this fresh new act has in store for their listeners in the future!

Check out their debut single here! Read more in our exclusive interview below!

Hi guys! It's great to chat with you! Would you start off by telling us how you met and formed High Meadows? Is it just the two of you in this group?

It all started with the two of us, Griffin (vocals and guitar) and Jon (bass), bonding over a shared passion for music, specifically the song 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley. Currently it's just the two of us, but we're looking for more members in our area. We're excited to find more people to really collaborate and explore what we can do!

Your new single is called “Through the TV”. Did you have a particular message in mind when writing this song?

The song, to us at least, seems like about being haunted by a memory, something that sticks with you. And then actually being able to see what it is that is haunting you, and seeing maybe you can move on, or that you don't need whatever it is that has you stuck.

Would you briefly describe what your creative and writing process looks like?

We like to start the jam usually by consuming some type of substance to get the juices flowing, and then just start playing. Usually really quickly we'll pick up an idea and expand on it until we can start to structure a full song out of it.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Brand New, Flaming Lips, Supertramp, and Dr. Dog would probably be the top ones!

What can we hope to expect from High Meadows throughout 2019?

2019 is hopefully going to be a really fun year for us! We're in a really cool place where we're figuring our sound out and having fun making a lot of stuff, so there will be the EP 'Through the TV' and more than likely a new EP later in the year as well, that will be even better than this one. Don't even get me started on 2020.


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