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Highlighting the Artistry From Cleveland Artist, Groovy Hoovy

If you are looking for a lyrical artist to lose yourself within, look no further than the unique experience created by Groovy Hoovy. The medley of vibrations being made in his newest single, “Let it Rock,” create a compelling ambiance filled with swag.

A strong attachment to music at a young age allowed Groovy Hoovy to create a musical style filled with carefree sparkle, minimalistic instrumentation, and feelings of sonic escape. As mentioned in interviews, “Let it Rock’s” lyrics encourage listeners to let go of anything that causes them stress if it’s not going to matter in 5 years.

As Groovy Hoovy’s musical journal has been considered a “roller coaster,” having this ability to stop worrying about inconsequential situations allows him to continue having fun during musical creation. With new tracks set to be released every month, “Let it Rock” is just the beginning of many more groovy, and tasteful songs.

Read more with Groovy Hoovy here.



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