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Highlighting the Talent and Music of Independent Artist LaTasha Shemwell

Vocal coach and independent artist LaTasha Shemwell explains a scorching motive in her new single “Exposed.” Hailing from Kentucky, this neo-soul track mixes with R&B and hip-hop to dive into a fierce, confident ensuing soundscape. Each lyric identifies themes of betrayal and a hurt identity as Shemwell exposes someone she once thought she could trust.

Writing “Exposed” was a journey for Shemwell to let go of the hurt and finally start living fully again. Involving her students, family, and friends in the production process created immense connections and support that are clearly translated in the instrumentals and lyrics.

The angelic vocals and minimalist soundscape fit together seamlessly to share her compelling message in a charismatic way. Shemwell’s storytelling ability, combined with her impressive vocal range, creates top-quality musical anthems enjoyable to all listeners. “Exposed” encourages anyone in Shemwell’s type of situation to feel empowered and fulfilled in their self-worth.

Read more with LaTasha Shemwell here.


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