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Hillsboro’s Got Your Back On Their New Release, “Exit Plan”

The Victoria, BC-based outfit won’t abandon or disappoint you on their new release.

After racking numerous accolades, including “Band of the Month” on The Zone 91.3 with their mesmerizing sound, Hillsboro has quickly garnered a local buzz of the strength of their artistic vision and ability to connect to their listeners. With the band of friends having been constantly songwriting before they could legally drive, their keen emphasis on making music filled with the human experience and meaning has quickly endeared them to audiences and listeners everywhere.

Formed in 2019, Hillsboro began as Nima Walker’s project and artistic refuge. Walker would soon convince his friends to embark on his musical journey together, and the rest, as they say, is history. He would be joined by Dexter Hodgins on fiddle and drums, Oliver Hollingshead on drums, Tucker Hoey on bass, and Samuel Wells on guitar.

The band’s unique sound, characterized by melancholic melodies and gritty textures, swiftly gained recognition in the Pacific Northwest music scene. Its commitment to crafting timeless melodies sets Hillsboro apart, with each member honing their production skills from a young age, blurring the line between songwriting and production as they skillfully navigate musical adventures.

“Exit Plan,” the latest release from Hillsboro, is a three-minute journey of alternative bliss. Accompanied by a captivating music video that has that perfect nostalgic feeling of punk rock eras in the past, Hillsboro captivates you with another fantastic performance. Dropping lyrics like “Forget yourself, I guess it aches / Don’t want to hear it anyway” and “Just find me when you want to leave” “Exit Plan” may initially sound more upbeat than its introspective lyrics indicate, but this adds another layer of depth to an already excellent song.

Hillsboro’s “Exit Plan” is both a highly enticing musical offering and an indication of good things to come in the future. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Hillsboro’s “Exit Plan,” out June 23rd, and also be sure to check out the music video. Keep an eye out for their self-titled debut LP set to release on September 15th, later this year, and pleasant listening.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hillsboro! We loved “Exit Plan,” and we had to ask! What was the inspiration behind this song? Could you take us through the creative process for it?

We wanted to make a track that sounded like The Strokes were a shoegaze band. The song is about getting into trouble and feeling bored and tired. It was inspired by my partying way too much and feeling jaded about it all. I kept only just getting out by the skin of my teeth. It’s about your parents asking how you’re doing without any idea of what's going on. It’s about seeing your closest friends be fuckups but doing it all yourself anyway.

So you mentioned you guys have been friends for a while, even before Hillsboro! How did all of you get so close, and how does your friendship help the creative process for Hillsboro as a group?

Growing up, we were all around one another, playing in different bands and going to shows. Sizing each other up, maybe. Sam and Olli are childhood friends. I knew Dexter from school. Music is just how we hang out; it's our favorite thing, so we've gotten used to being vulnerable around each other. Creatively, that makes you really free together if you can be vulnerable.

Are there any artists you’re enjoyed listening to lately, and do you all have a favorite musical memory together?

Dexter and I have been really into this guy Kraus. That's all I've listened to for like 3 days now. I can't speak for the others, but my favorite memory is probably rehearsing for our first show. I felt so lucky to have this band. I almost cried.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard it before, and if your listeners could take one message away from your music, what would you want it to be?

People at shows have told us we sound like Deftones meets the strokes, which is funny but sums it up nicely. The one message I want people to take away is that you can and should dig your pain out with your friends. I've been through some incredibly dark experiences, and that catharsis has kept me afloat. Shits fucked; come hang out.

What’s next for Hillsboro? Your debut LP releases in September, right? Are there any songs on the LP you’re especially excited for your listeners to hear?

Yeah, September 15th. We actually can't wait. It's been such a long time coming. We have a lot planned; my brain is like 3 projects ahead. From the album, though, there's a song called "Black Hill (MASSIVE)" that I'm excited for people to hear finally. I think it's the best thing I've done.


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