Hip Hop Artist B.D. Kold Talks New Song "Lost" and Plans for 2020

Welcome to BuzzMusic B.D Kold! In what ways do you believe rapping and music served as an escape from the trouble that surrounded your community growing up?

Music has always served a purpose in my life as well as rapping, weather it’s from the time I was old enough to comprehend listening to music or the times I was in jail rapping to get my mind of the situations that surrounded me, I think for a lot of people where we’re from rapping was seen as an opportunity to get out of the situations we were involved in, one day we’re not gonna live this anymore we would tell one another as we stood on the porch freestyling while we waited for sales to pull up, so once God to change my life I decided to give my talent gifts and abilities to him, so he could use them, but music is still very much an exscape for me, they’re nothing like a good song to ease the mind, weather it be praise and worship music to get in the spirit, or it be old soul and rnb at Christmas time as we eat, music has always played a major part in my life, I’ve been in love with it since I was in dippers.

Who would you consider some of your main influences for your rap style and artistry? In what ways have they inspired you?

I would say in my earlier years that boosie and webbie were instrumental in my love for the art form, growing up 20 miles away from them inspired me and the guys around me to believe we could get out of where we were from and be able to bless our families through rapping like we had seen them do, also local artist lil witness and max Minnelli have influenced me in major ways, lil witness influenced me to be able to be myself and do music, he taught me it was okay to be who I was off the mic while I was on it, max showed me how to mix who I was in the sense of spiritual things with the flavor I obtained from running the streets, there are many artists from hank Williams jr, master p, to the temptations and the 4 tops that shape me and who I am over there years, I always try to learn something from music, as a youngster I would always try to learn the words to my favorite song and spit it with them, or sing (which I’m not good at) and all those songs and artist taught me something.

“Lost” has a significant amount of passion in this song! What motivated you to write this and what was the biggest theme presented in this single?

When putting distribution of hope together I searched for beats that would allow me to bring something fresh and still hold my message of the cross and Christ intact, once I heard this beat, and the hook, I knew it was perfect for me to lay the message of what Christ actually done for us, and what God allowed to happen out for the listener.


Did you encounter any challenges during the creative process of “Lost”?

He sacrificed his self, to remove this pain and hurt, if I believe upon this, inside the eternal flame would burn, as I prayed the words just flooded me, still to this day as I begin to move onto new projects this is one my favorite and best verses that God has allowed me to write, I’m blessed to be able to tell people what God has done for us on a global scale, it’s truly beautiful, to think that all those times I got kicked out, was In jail, all those times people I loved turned their backs on me, all the times I failed those that love me, God was preparing me to be who I am... I thank him for it, and this lifetime, praying he continues to use me to impact this lost and dying world with his spirit flowing through me.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

I plan on dropping the video for no matter what/ goin' up in March, a video for against all odds in April, a new project as well as a video off of it in May, the new project will be called Colossians Chapter 2 and will be dropping May 6th.

Shout out to my big brother JD we love you and miss your brother your gone but never forgotten.

Listen to B.D. Kold here.