Hip Hop Artist Boy Nash Releases Remix of His Popular Song "Gotham"

Boy Nash is a Hip-Hop artist who carefully fuses soul and hip-hop to create a passionate listening experience that remains authentic and unique. Boy Nash is known for his thoughtful well placed lyrics to connects with the heart of the listener.

His newest remix "Gotham" features the elite team of artists Kammy Slime, Parris Wright, Ko-Jo Cue and Chrissy Day. Together the team has managed to create a record for the people. "Gotham" opens up with an evolving, mesmerizing sampled vocal that becomes the underlying backbone for the rest of the song when Boy Nash enters it becomes a seriously tight, bopping tune. Following Boy Nash, Parris Wright delivers a heavy aggressive verse that continues to stay true to the intentions of the song of staying pure and passionate. Both performers tone, smooth rhythms, thoughtful rhyming, and intricate raw vocal delivery makes the song feel whole and complete without becoming anything that has been heard before. The punchy drums give space to the vocals while maintaining a solid groove that the rest of the instrumentation to sit on. From the evolving background vocals to Boy Nash and Parris Wright's perfect bars, "Gotham" is a track that brings its flair to the table.

Listen to the remix of "Gotham" here.