Hip Hop Artist Charmaine Renee Highlights Many Sides of Her Artistry During 2019!

There's effortless confidence that pours off of Charmaine Renee and her vocalism. When Charmaine Renee consistently released singles throughout 2019, we knew that each one would be able to showcase her artistry in a different light. As of now, 2019 has seen three tracks from Renee, each featuring her recognizable melody and light-hearted rap verses.

What did 2019 look like for Charmaine Renee? Retro, integrative and easily flowable are characteristics intrinsic to the sound we've seen from Charmaine Renee in the past year. Charmaine Renee has a creamy voice that establishes a truly laidback and chill atmosphere for listeners. "Come Chill" blends multiple instrumentals together in order to create a chaotic, yet complementary, environment. We can easily strip back the quality that comes from "Come Chill", and the harmonious tune Charmaine Renee can naturally reach with her vocal abilities. "Come Chill" is such a soft and light vocal tune that Charmaine Renee freely emulates, and once it's matched to the eclectic production styling, "Come Chill" can be seen as a contemporary Hip/Hop 2019 track!

Charmaine Renee didn't stop at "Come Chill", as her release "No Games" was also distributed during the 2019 year. "No Games" contains more energy and vigor than what we saw from "Come Chill". This is an aspect we appreciate from artists such as Charmaine Renee--releasing tracks that offer a different ambiance and overall feeling. We're able to switch up songs easily with Renee's 2019 tracklist, depending on what kind of vibe we're requiring during that time. Charmaine Renee isn't stopping here at manifesting these various atmospheres for listeners--there's more work to be released in the 2020 year, so keep your ears peeled for what's to come from Charmaine Renee!

Listen to the 2019 tracks of Charmaine Renee here.

Hey, Renee Gibson! How has the music scene been treating you throughout the releases of your 2019 tracks?

Throughout the releases of my music in 2019 I have acquired relationships with other artists and producers through social media. The music scene for me has had its ups and downs, however because this is something I genuinely love to do, I have been willing to soak up as much as I can in this field. There are positive and negative elements in doing so, however I am fully equipped and ready to handle all that comes my way.

2019 saw the release of a few varying singles from you! Out of each track you worked on, which one could be considered the "anthem" of your 2019?

Out of the releases I have put out in 2019 I would have to say my anthem would be “Bout That” this track is full of energy and is letting the world know, I’m about my paper and my team. It shows I have a fun and “go get her” type spirit, but also warns you not to cross me. I believe this is my anthem for the year because I have been prepared to handle everything that has come my way in the previous decade, and no it is all about being fierce and about prosperity moving forward.

Let's talk about your music video for "Come Chill". Were you involved in the creative process for constructing the video, or was that already manufactured for you? Do you prefer to have a say in everything involved in your creative process as an artist?

When it came down to the video for “Come Chill” I personally had a specific vision in mind. On

the day of the actual video things were not coming together as I planned. For this video I was looking for a fun “outside barbeque, house party type feel”, I realized the day of that I had to work with the individuals I had. When it comes to the production and/or visuals of my projects I HAVE to be involved. I understand everyone has their own expertise which is why I do try to collaborate with other ideas and concepts but only I really know the sound and feel I am looking for in my brand.

Are there any challenges you've predominantly faced during the past year, artistically? How do you typically surpass the artistic challenges that you've encountered during 2019?

2019 was the first year I decided to step out as an independent artist. I have done features,

written music, and been in a group. As an independent artist I feel I accomplished more than I thought I would, but the hardest thing throughout the process for me would be marketing. I know I have what it takes to make it yet have struggled in getting my material out to the public to be heard the way it should be. This has definitely been a little discouraging but what keeps me motivated and makes it easier is my determination and drive to succeed. The more work I put out and the more opportunities I seize will make room for me, and I truly believe that.

Would you ever consider integrating genre elements that listeners haven't yet seen from Renee Gibson? Do you feel comfortable working with sounds that aren't heavily used within your overall sound?

YES!. LOL. I believe it is very important to be versatile. Because I write my own material I believe integrating new concepts and sounds within my music will catch people by surprise and show that I am willing to step outside of the box creatively, while still staying true to my individuality. Right now my main focus is getting my voice out there. Once the world captures a glimpse of who I am is when I plan to become a little more unpredictable.

We loved getting the chance to chat with you, Renee! We hope that 2020 is great to you artistically and personally! Where's the road headed for you now?

I appreciate working with you all as well, in 2020 I will be releasing the 2 Eps I recorded in 2019, As well as other singles and videos collectively. I look forward to doing more collaborations as well, and writing my 3rd Ep.