Hip-Hop Artist Engeryy Wows on New Song, "Red Pills"

Coming to us from Nigeria, Energyy gives us a hot new hit "Red Pills," where cascading auras wash over you as you hit play. A Spanish infused acoustic guitar serenades you as divine vocals sing about "Taking you higher." The tone quickly changes, and Energyy blasts onto the track like a canon ball exiting the shaft, barreling straight into your ears. The rebellious guitar, combined with Energyy's renegade rhymes puts "Red Pills" in a hot position right out of the gates.

Focussing his time on experimenting with his music, Energyy takes risks with tempos and subject matter to speak to today's youth- and inspire them through his art. The low pulsating bassline scrapes on the bottom of the "Red Pills" sphere of sound, massaging the track along. The gritty raps are balanced out by the lustrous chorus, where the tone transitions into a hypnotizing lullaby. The whole song is swelling to the last eruption of Energyy's force, and with only a minute left on the track, Engeryy unleashes his intense rhymes. Energyy delivers on his promise of "Taking you higher" as he informed us at the beginning of the song. You will be elevated after listening to this song-- you will yearn for that feeling again, and you will find yourself pressing play repeatedly on Energyy's fresh hit "Red Pills."

Listen to "Taking you Higher" here.

Hello Energy and welcome to BuzzMusic. We couldn't get enough of your new song. What was your experiencing making this track and do you feel you succeeded in interpreting your intentions of the song? Red pills were inspired by the Matrix (Red Pill and Blue Pill) over there the Red Pill generally means a transformed view of things and knowledge of the real truth which as we all know is hard to accept.  When I thought of the red pill it reminded me of the transformative effect of hallucinogens like weed or Shrooms which is why the music was designed to be the perfect hallucinogen song.

I always make sure I make perfect music and I work with my brother who pays a lot of attention to detail and that just makes the creatives process for my songs long and intense because we believe every song should be timeless and timeless takes “time” and attention and I believe we succeeded in making people feel how we need them to feel whenever they play Red Pills. How long have you been creating music and what made you want to get into creating music? I’ve been creating music for 5 years now but dropped my first official project two years ago.  I wanted to get into music because the sound of other rappers and just the general music that was out didn’t satisfy what I needed music-wise so I decided to do something about that. "Red Pills" takes you through a range of sensations and tempos. Can you explain the balance between the celestial and contrastingly rough sounds you incorporated into Red Pills? Red Pills was designed to induce the feeling of flying and the “Out-Of-Body” experience you would generally feel when you need to relax or when you decide to chill with weed or alcohol or whatever makes you chill.  The difference in sounds and the music, in general, was designed like a rocket taking you to space, There’s the calm “Countdown”, then the harsh take off and then it’s calm again when you’re in orbit it’s a perfect symphony and also we had to make sure there was no boring moment from the start of the song to the finish.  Everything is a vibe!!!!!! Do you have any musical influences or genres of music you are particularly drawn to that you feel heightens your music?

Travis Scott and Kanye were one of the first musicians I listened to that inspired my sounds.  You won’t hear music like there’s till they released a song and that’s real talent!  They inspired my sound and the drive to be different and perfect every time.

What can we expect next from you, Energyy?

What can you expect next from me?  More pure magic!  More pure Energy!  I’ve got a lot of songs in the books and believe it or not, Red Pills can’t be compared to what’s coming...