Hip-Hop Artist J. Messiah Takes Us on a Journey With His Latest Single “Fccc”

Hip-hop artist J. Messiah hits back with his compelling single “Fccc”. By opening for a variety of artists and naturally garnering attention from his audience, he’s been known to steal the show with his engaging live performances. Without a stagnant storyline insight, J. Messiah thrives on conceptual lyrics and letting his audience read between the lines. His latest single “Fccc” is the perfect introduction to the musical works of J. Messiah. Jam-packed full of genuine lyrics and effortless flow surrounding his time in a correctional facility and his passionate message of striving for equality and what’s right.

“Fccc” opens with ambient underlying production, perfectly blending together elements of both rhythm and blues and modern-day hip-hop with transcendent effects allowing the audience to experience the track’s raw atmosphere. With droning ghost voices producing a light-hearted background melody, we’re anticipating the arrival of J. Messiah’s gripping and fluent flow. “Re-born, and rehabilitate, what’s the success rate? They’ll never match the one in which they incarcerate”, it’s clear that J. Messiah has thoroughly crafted his vision and uses his platform as an artist to share the effects of modern racism and the pain it has endured on countless human beings. We’re moved by J. Messiah’s ability to describe genuine emotions and is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

You can listen to "Fccc" here.