Hip Hop Artist Jordany Showcases His Musical Skillset With “Diamonds/Wavelength Freestyle”

Jordany is showing us the art of freestyle rap and we do not want to sleep on this talent! Jordany released his freestyle track “Diamonds/Wavelength Freestyle” and he is giving precision and flow. “Diamonds/Wavelength Freestyle,” comes action-packed as Jordany delivers tough bars with personality and charisma. He showcases his incredible songwriting skills through strategic wordplay and hard-hitting bars. Jordany gives us insights on his creative musicial abilities as an artist. He creates intricate arrangements while remaining relatable to his fans and listeners.

Listening to “Diamonds/Wavelength Freestyle” we were able to find authenticity. Jordany has a delivery like no other Rap artist in the independent scene. Jordany is simply a unique artist with an unorthodox style that really separates him from other rappers in the music scene. The challenging aspect of creating a freestyle is the lack of memorability they tend to contain. Freestyles often don’t come with a catchy hook and it doesn't aim for mainstream marketability. Instead, it’s a unique and rare outlet for rappers to show off their skill set. Jordany has undeniably demonstrated the number of skills he’s equipped within “Diamonds/Wavelength Freestyle” and we’re tremendously excited for what else he’s bound to accomplish in 2020.

Listen to “Diamonds/Wavelength Freestyle” by Jordany here.