Hip-Hop Artist, Khalil IIvrsn, Shows Us Why He is “Certified”

Birmingham artist, Khalil IIvrsn hits us with his latest single “Certified,” establishing his spot as an up and coming entertainer.

Allowing his old school and new age Hip-hop influences to be heard in the music he creates, IIvrsn captures those elements in a memorable way, exuding a sound that is uniquely his own. His heavy-hitting flows over harmonious melodies can be heard in what he shares with the world.

Through many hardships, this artist is coming out on top embodying those experiences and proving to his fans why he is an entertainer to be on the lookout for in the forthcoming years.

“Certified,” begins with a futuristic styled beat creating an up-tempo iridescent essence. You can’t help but get pumped up with the lyricism and rhyme schemes that Khalil IIvrsn presents.

A record of this caliber have you turning the volume up and rolling down the windows of your car while cruising. The liveliness of “Certified,” transports your mind to a club scene and suddenly you’re matching the buoyant energy exuded with the appetizing instrumentation and free-spirited lyrics.

The cadence IIvrsn presents matches the tempo perfectly and keeps you hooked on what’s next to come. His vocals stay in the spotlight but combine with the music in such a graceful manner. The energy and artistic elements we hear throughout balance each other out making this song the next level. “Certified,” has us singing along and tapping out feet to the bassline long after the song has ended.

We can’t wait to hear what Khalil IIvrsn has next in store for us. From his songwriting to his performance, this “Certified,” artist is showing us why he is next up.

Listen to "Certified" here.

We love the tone that you have set on “Certified.” What is the meaning behind this track that you created?

Certified is a high energy club banger! One of those tracks you can vibe to a party or just cruising in drop-top. I feel like everyone wants that certification that they have made it in the rap game, so I feel this was me stamping my name down letting everyone know I’m here to stay. 

Was there a specific moment or experience that shaped your inspiration for “Certified?"

The creation of my music is different in the fact I don’t write. It’s more of a feeling to me when I’m in the studio. If the beat has that southern bounce, that bounce that makes you nod then I already know that’s the one to go with. This particular day we happen to be discussing how many years it would take to be certified in this industry and that’s where the thought came to me. 

With your influences ranging from old school to modern-day Hip-hop, who are some of your favorite artists that you look up to and why?

OutKast - being from the south they had a major factor on the way they weren’t afraid to be different standout plus the music speaks for itself.

Lil Wayne - the first thing to catch me was the punchlines. He can really say the same word 4 times with 4 different outcomes or meanings. I’ve never seen anything like it and he will always be the goat in my eyes. Jay Z - the way he broke into the game investing and betting on himself. In this world, nothing comes easy and if you want it bad enough you’ll bet it all on yourself. Seeing he do that and come out winning big can’t do anything but respect that. 

How would you define your sound to people who haven’t yet heard you? Is this the sound you are staying within future projects?

Melodic Trap, but I also feel I mix up going into different pockets from time to time. I feel like having many different flows will always keep you ahead of the game. As far as future projects go I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll start to break down different lanes I’m capable of diving into meaning you might get a whole RnB album or a whole rap album or a mix of both like the upcoming ep “More Than You Know” dropping October 23, 2020. 

What has been keeping you inspired during one of the most challenging years, 2020?

Even though the year has been rough I feel this is a great time for artists. Being able to get more projects out for the fans to hear because everyone is mostly still at home right now. I feel like that’s the recipe right now just consistently drop good music for the people.