Hip Hop Artist Razor Speaks About the Miami Music Scene and His New Single "Bootyful"

Welcome to Buzzmusic Razor! Some say Miami has its own style of music. In what ways are you impacted by the culture and your environment living in Miami musically?

You can see the in the introductory song of my most recent EP "4 The Love", I try to have a well-rounded sound but I still gotta rep the crib regardless.

Let’s talk about your song “Bootyful”! The lyrics were attention-grabbing and detailed. What inspired you to write “Bootyful” and were you able to think of a specific person when writing the hook?

I was inspired by the way black women put such a strong emphasis on their hair, and along the way, I wanted to leave my listeners with the message that beauty is bigger than hair and booty...lol!

What was the biggest challenge you encountered when making “Bootyful”? Would it be the vocal or production arrangement of the song?

The song had a 90's R&B sound straight out the gate so I put some auto-tune to change the vibe...but in retrospect, I should've left the vocals naked. I probably would choose a different beat if I could do it all over again but the message is the same either way...

We like that you released a video to go alongside “Bootyful”! What were your intentions with the visuals and what is it you wanted to portray?

I got my good friend Moses Washington to play "Cleofis" (a character from his line of stage plays) to bring in the video and to end it with the ultimate message. Hopefully, people leave the video catching the point that beauty is much bigger than hair and booty.

What can we expect to see from Razor throughout 2020?

I have several upcoming singles from "We Made It", "Wet Floor", to "Yoga" all of the '4 The Love' EP that will be released with music videos this year so stay tuned.

Listen to Razor, here.