Hip Hop Artist Slendo is Back and Making Noise With "Wild Night Interlude"

Tennesee artist Slendo is bringing new music into the music atmosphere with his latest track "Wild Night Interlude". Slendo's trying to start a new wave with the music he's been released, and "Wild Night Interlude" exasperates this effect. He's trying to incorporate more of a euphoric feel to the dark and melancholic production his music encaptures. As a singer/songwriter and producer, Slendo's aiming to be the primary synthesizer of his sound, and shows his artistic abilities best through "Wild Night Interlude".

Slendo is keeping up a heavy and dark atmosphere within "Wild Night Interlude". He's maintaining a necessary vibrancy in the track via his vocal performance, but the production style of the track is what brings in that hazy environment. Slendo knows how to use his vocal range to his disposal, and integrates a variety of ranges in "Wild Night Interlude" in order do introduce an equal, yet disproportionate sounding. Despite the shaded persona presented in the track, Slendo still ensures that there's a sense of energy in the air with "Wild Night Interlude". And, it's this energy that keeps listeners reeled in for more.

Listen to Slendo's "Wild Night Interlude" here.