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Steven Al Baghdadi Radiates Inspiration Internationally

Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Steven Al Baghdadi fell in love with music the second he was introduced to Hip-Hop.

The young rapper began releasing his original songs, and soon after at the age of 25, he began to make a name for himself on an international level. The 2015 hit single “Ahebak” boasts over two hundred thousand streams on YouTube and certainly made waves throughout the middle east.

With its unique use of instrumentation and energetic production, “Ahebak” is a representation of Steven Al Baghdadi’s musical diversity and ability to stand out among the masses.

The ultimate message Steven Al Baghdadi is aiming to spread through his growing international platform lies under the far-reaching umbrella of self-acceptance. He has made it his goal to ease his listeners into comfort and contentment by reminding them that they are not alone.

Through the lyrics of “Ahebak,” he describes his journey with romantic relationships, and by sharing what he has learned through his obstacles and triumphs he invites the listener to feel the emotions he is pouring into his music. Steven Al Baghdadi takes advantage of each dynamic and thought-provoking verse by encouraging listeners to find their inner strengths and not only accept but embrace their differences.

Your song “Ahebak” was a Hip-Hop sensation in the middle east upon its release. As a preview of what you can bring your fans, how does “Ahebak” compare with your recent releases? When I wrote the song ''Ahebak'' the lyrics were from my heart, every word is from my innermost thoughts and feelings. Personally, "Ahebak" is one of the best songs that I have ever made, it seemed to resonate with a lot of people. It took a long time to write it and to record it.

Do you have any specific artists or genres that inspired your music style in “Ahebak?” Not really, I had developed the beat a while ago and I just kept recalling the melody so I started to write some lyrics every day until I reached the finished product. I am so happy that the song has reached many people.

We are inspired by your main message as an artist. Can you elaborate on the message behind your thought-provoking lyrics for “Ahebak?” I like songs that have many meanings, I have thought for a long time to also make a love song, it was a different style of mine, but I managed to find out that there is also a large audience for these kinds of songs and what I achieved with my song '' Ahebak.'' I am very happy that I wrote the lyrics from my heart. After hitting the ground running internationally throughout the middle east, who is the target audience for your music? The target audience is the people who like songs that find meaning in our everyday life. Also, my rap-styling is different, which is one of my successes.

What's next for you? I am going to continue releasing more music and I'm now working on different songs that will come out soon. I can't give any info yet, but I will say keep an eye and an ear out for me, and you will see what's next.

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