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Hip Hop Duo 148 Impresses Us With Their New Single “Grammy”

148 is a hip hop duo of aficionados with a love for music and a playful yet assertive lyrical disposition. Their collective vision is to deliver a virtual space in which people can be free, feel connected through music or use music to escape from a negative place. Their influences include the likes of Akon to Gucci Mane. 148’s first release, “Dark Matter”, was released in February 2019 and features their songs “Blessed” and “Party Starter”. 2019 promises to be a busy year as they continue to record and release their music.

148 released their a brand new single called “Grammy”. The song begins with rich sounding synths, and the vocals that come in shortly thereafter are soft and lulling. When the verse begins, the song picks up with a rhythmically stimulating beat and punchy lyrics. Some of the songs themes seem to allude to the pursuit of success in both a career and personal life. The arrangement is well presented, with several simple aspects combining together to make a much more complex blend. The lyrics are passionate, but also have a certain confident swagger to them. 148 is an impressive duo, and we recommend you check out the brand new “Grammy” today!

Make sure to give a listen to "Grammy" here, and keep scrolling for 148's exclusive interview!


Thanks for answering a few questions! First of all, how did the two of you meet and form 148?

We met during our undergraduate days at McMaster University, and eventually ended up living together in 148 Westwood avenue. A house that played a pivotal role in most of the stories we tell in our lyrics till today. We actually didn’t start making music until half way through our final year after we freestyled for an hour on a boat at our roommates’ cottage, a very iconic day. We realized we both had this talent for storytelling and there was a unique chemistry present when we fed off each others energy. We kept freestyling on beats, after late nights out most of the time until we decided to buy a mic on Black Friday. The rest is history …

Who would you say your biggest artistic influences are?

Growing up in Nigeria, we were exposed to a variety of artists at a young age that we have certainly embraced in the music we create. Artists such as Akon, Lil Wayne, D’Banj, 50 Cent, Kanye West & T-Pain laid the foundation for the passion we have for music. Moving forward in our musical journey our sound has also been inspired by newer artists like Big Sean, Drake & the Migos. However, we pride ourselves on the originality of the vibe we create. When we started 148, we believed that our sound carries a special energy we wanted to share with the world.

3. Would you describe your writing process and how your music ends up coming together?

We really just go off the beats and try to tell the story we hear. We stay open minded about topics and just freestyle. We’ve been blessed to work with some gifted artists, engineers and producers like Kobi, Jms & Jism. Building these relationships with other creators makes the whole process more organic and authentic. When’s its all said and done we just try and have a good time and that materializes into hits.

“Grammy” is your new single. Would you say there is a specific meaning behind the music or lyrics in this case?

This song is special because we had the opportunity to work with a talented artist & childhood friend, MofyJoey. Grammy explores a dream many musicians have of being recognized by fans and peers for their contributions in music.  One of the most prestigious awards in the music industry, this song delves into our development as artists as we strive to perfect our craft in hopes of one day gracing that stage. Despite the illustrious nature of the award, We have a greater desire to see safety and camaraderie in our communities. The song also speaks on other inspirations including feeding your family, finding that special someone, taking that trip you always wanted and generally living your best life.

What can we hope to see from 148 going forward into 2019?

Building on from Dark Matter, We already have a bunch of new hits loaded up for the summer accompanied with some mind blowing visuals! We’re also headlining a show at this years Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto at 3030 Dundas West. We’ll be previewing some new material from the album, so you definitely don’t want to miss out. We’ve had some pretty legendary shows already but this one is going to be special!


Connect and keep up to date with 148 via their Instagram!


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