Hip-Hop Trio High Karup$hin Showcase Dominance With New Banger “Night Crawl”

Hailing from West Haven, Connecticut, High Karup$hin is a refreshing hip-hop trio making waves in the music scene. Comprised of Txgh Dye, Bvby Slurge, and F$A Phantom, all three members of High Karup$hin are cousins and grew up in the same neighborhood as kids. Making music since 2013, High Karup$hin released their album “Guerrilla Glue” July 2019. It was recorded at Quad studio in NYC where they’ve spent the last few summers working at it.

Featured on “Guerrilla Glue” is “Night Crawl”, it comes in will mellow backbeats and melancholic vocals. The verses feature hard-hitting bars and emotive lyricism. High Karup$hin curates relatable tracks to form more authentic connections with their listeners. They put their mind, heart, soul, and ambition on display through their sound. “Night Crawl” keeps things real and raw as High Karup$hin speaks their truth through their incredible music. The trap/hip-hop sound is unlike anything we’ve heard before and is a welcome addition to our playlists. High Karup$hin blurs the lines of genres and always keeps their sound relevant and mesmerizing. Stay tuned for what they deliver next!

Listen to “Night Crawl” here and read more with High Karup$hin below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic High Karup$hin! Can you start by introducing yourselves and tell us more about how you got started making music together?

We are a Alternative hip hop trio out of West Haven, Connecticut that goes by “High Karup$hin”. The group members are Txgh Dye, Bvby Slurge, and F$A Phantom, All three of us are cousins, and grew up in the same neighborhood, so we’ve known each other our whole life. We started making music in 2013 around the time we was in high school, because we was exploring and simply found something we was good at. 

We’re loving your album “Guerrilla Glue”! What was the main concept behind this project?

Thank you, and the word “Guerrilla” refers to an army, meaning us being a army of three, kind of looking at it as if it’s us three against the world, because we are all we have, in a way. And the term “Glue” meaning us being stuck in the struggle of life, trying to find our way out to seek better days. We believe all of us as people have obstacles to face.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

We want the people to know when they hear our music, we’ll always find new ways to catch the listeners attention telling life stories in a unique way, and to always leave  Everyone guessing about what’s next.

Can you dive into details about the lyricism in “Night Crawl”? 

Bvby Slurge is on the hook for night crawl, and he starts the hook of by saying “HK with it all, you don’t want war” telling people in a figure of speech that we’re soldiers, and getting the point across that as a group we’re ready for what ever life throws at us, good or bad.

What’s your live performance like?

A HK performance is full of energy, and we each bring that in our own way, we feel that watching us perform will give you a better understanding in why our music sounds the way it does.


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