Hip Hop Veteran Young Trap Drops New Album “Hustle & Glow”

“Hustle & Glow” is a dope new album from Memphis based artist Young Trap. This project truly highlights his intense versatility and pure skill as an artist. An easy highlight and intro from the new album is “On Me”, a song that starts out strong and continues to build in a refreshing way throughout. Even at barely past the two-minute mark, there are moments of varied melody, beat refrain, and rap, that help create something structurally intentional yet still always rhythmically entrancing and connected enough to really envelop the listener. Tracks like “I’m a Dog” Ft. Mista CEO hit with a little more impact, a stronger beat that picks up the pace, yet still you get this hard-hitting vocal delivery, and these again eclectically set-up sections, throughout all of which Young Trap presents his rhythmic bars with ease.

“The Gang” Ft. J. Simon is a sick track that all about the hustle and success. Equipped with a dynamic sound and unique beats, Young Trap and J. Simon are sure to have you vibing along. The vocals are hypnotizing throughout. His smooth flow and flawless bars can be accredited to his years of experience and raw talent. “My Ex” Ft. Boneyafterparty is a definite highlight and the perfect starting point if you’re new to Young Trap’s work. Taking full advantage of current style trends in hip hop and RnB right now, the track kicks off with a strong balance between melody and rap, rhythm and confidence, color and calm.

If you’re a fan of the genre, Young Trap and Boosie Badazz have done a mighty job of incorporating every element known to give a track strength. Instrumentally immersive, vocally versatile and energetic yet smooth all at once, “For The Hood” Ft. Boosie Badazz makes for a refreshing and brilliantly professional track.

The songwriting style meets with an eclectic approach to musicality, resulting in a relevant and stylish new album that’s well worth a run-through or two. “Love On You” Ft. Kyree Sterling gives us old-school hip-hop vibes while remaining contemporary and addicting. Young Trap’s honesty and vulnerability are on display throughout this single. The raw desire and sultry bars make “Love On You” unparalleled in today’s hip-hop scene.

Getting a message across, effortlessly reciting perfect lyrics, and finding/creating beats to match is Young Traps’s specialty. The next track “On My Belt” showcases flawless production quality and the artistry is professional and finely-calibrated. The way Young Trap approaches his life, his drive, his work ethic and his motivation, all on another level in “On My Belt”. I think that this track really embodies that message with the confident lyricism. Throughout “Get Scooped” Young Trap’s flow is precise and flawless as he recites every bar with timed perfection and style. It’s honest and raw and shows a side of the artist we’ve never seen before. The production quality is incomparable and the backbeat is addicting.

“Ohh Yea” injects a hit of haunting darkness, a musically fuller soundscape meet the high energy of Young Trap’s vocal and ideas in a powerful way. Then you get the simple and somewhat retro vibe that is the most interesting soundscape yet. “Too Much Sauce” stands out for its louder confidence and that anthem-like rhythm and energy once again. Young Trap takes full advantage of the opportunity to perform and enjoy himself, and it shows well. “Fuck Love” Ft Too $hort ends the project with a slightly more literal take on modern life and the struggles of love. Another side to the artist emerges, and it works well to end the show on a high.

The whole album “Hustle & Glow” will propel Young Trap’s career to new heights and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next. The storytelling aspects of “Hustle & Glow” have me addicted from start to finish. I think that Young Trap is incredibly talented and skilled at connecting with his fans. He writes lyrics that speak to the listeners and music for anyone to vibe to. No stranger to success, his album “Hustle & Glow” is yet another big step in the right direction for Young Trap.

Check out “Hustle & Glow” here and read more below in our exclusive interview below!

Great to have you here Young Trap! “Hustle & Glow” is your debut album, how do you feel about the overall execution of the project?

I wasn't actually working on an album. I was just dropping singles. My fans kept asking me when my album was dropping so I put together "Hustle & Glow' from the existing unreleased song I had.

There's such addicting energy to “Hustle & Glow”! What kind of emotions are you attempting to project to listeners with the album?

I wanted the listeners to understand what a day in my life consists of. Making money, business deals, friend & family issues, violence, and women.

What would you say is the most important take-away message from “Hustle & Glow”? Where did your inspiration for the concept come into play?

It's a journey of putting in work in the streets and enjoying the fruits of your labor afterward. The HUSTLE to get the money and the GLOW the result of spending the money.

We can imagine that your performances are incredibly energetic with the sound you have! Have you performed anywhere, and if so, how is the vibe in your crowd?


I try to bring the music to life when I perform. High energy, lots of jumping around, and just vibes! I just completed an HBCU College tour and I do pop up performances all the time. Book me now!

Thank so much for talking with us! What would you say is your major goal within your music career?

My goal in music is to create hit records and to tell my story. I definitely want to start signing acts and helping others get there careers off the ground.


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