Hiro Delivers Party Track Of The Year “Follow Me” Ft. Nathan Kirsch

Hiro is a well-known producer/DJ making waves throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He aims to leave a lasting impression on his listeners through his unique combination of electronic melodically engaging soundscapes. Hiro is currently working on his upcoming album “Anonymous Minds”, the newest single released from this project is “Follow Me” Ft. Nathan Kirsch. 

Hiro’s “Follow Me” brings through a gorgeously high energy dance vibe. Fusing the warmth of EDM synths with a positivity, the soundscape of escapism lights up the room with ease. Hiro’s way with sound design and composition is quickly effective, this track is hard-hitting and showcases a passionate and simultaneously professional approach to music production. There’s a touch of nostalgia to the style, “Follow Me” is a notably timeless sort of track. It works as well now as it would have 10-20 years ago and indeed as it will in 10-20 more years. There are as many crisp and clean elements as there are those that link back to the dawn of the genre. Hiro has built a recognizable sound for himself and makes sure there’s enough about this song to grab your attention from afar. Absolutely worth a listen and I look forward to a longer playlist from Hiro!

Check out “Follow Me” Ft. Nathan Kirsch here and read more with Hiro below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hiro! You’re an incredible producer! What do you hope your listeners take away from “Follow Me” Ft Nathan Kirsch?

Follow Me is a musical journey from start to finish. This was a great collaboration between Nathan Kirsch and myself that we wanted to produce and create based off of mere feelings. The ultimate goal with this track was to just touch the people out there that have gone through heart break or lust, and just needed an avenue to relate to. If we can touch even one person through this track, we have achieved our mission!

“Follow Me” blended so many elements together flawlessly. How do you go about crafting an almost 4 minute instrumental? What are the main qualities you try to capture?

With every production, I take it on a case by case basis. Although I have a common element of melodic touches and expressions throughout my projects; I wanted to set the stage for something different. The sax addition to the track came late in its stages but really stole the spotlight once the finished product came along. That, along with Nathan’s amazing vocals, really touched down on an amazing production in my opinion. 

What have been the main changes you’ve noticed in the music industry within the time you’ve been making music?

I may catch a lot of heat for this next comment, but I am going to state my honest opinion based on the question. Throughout my various stages in my production and artistic career, the organic creation I feel like is being lost slowly but surely. I feel there are a lot(not all) artists out there trying to capture the spotlight by forced creation. Making what big labels and agencies see fit for the times, and losing out on why they originally started their music career, whatever level that may be. I’ve never been one to follow the trends. I follow what I like listening to myself. And what I like feeling. My productions are a complete sum of where I’m at and what I’m feeling while they are being created. My popularity may suffer from such an approach, but I will always remain true to the arts and why I entered them. To create what I love. 

What's the most integral element to your music that you find is always integrated into every track you produce?

As I mentioned above, I always create based on how I am feeling in the present moment. That could range from complete and total bliss to a darker, more depressive state of mind. One thing I can always guarantee with my work, is that you will always get 100% me.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, it’s been a pleasure to feature “Follow Me” Ft. Nathan Kirsch on our platform! What can you tell us about your upcoming project “Anonymous Minds”?

This article is actually the first time the name of the album has been released. This project and album has been in the works for the past year and I am super excited to bring it to everyone. It also will be a musical journey of emotions and feelings. I cannot give much more away than that. But I hope you all enjoy the sneak peak of what is to come with Follow Me. Cheers!