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Hit Artist Kayla Cariaga Releases “Deserve You”

Kayla Cariaga is a multitalented pop and alternative artist who has been extremely successful throughout her career. Kayla has a notable track record, with beginning to sing at age four, releasing her first two singles at the impressive age of 12, titled “Snow Flakes” and “Everything”, and jumping ahead, she has collaborated with the talented songwriter “Jackie’s Boy” from Universal Music Group, along with Richie Cannata from Billy Joel’s original band. Not only is Kayla a successful singer songwriter, she is also a gifted performer that can delight any crowd! She has performed all over America, including Orange County, Rockland County, New Jersey, and New York City, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas. Some of her performances include festivals, and music conferences, including CMJ (College Music Journal), Millennium Music Conference, New York City Marathon, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and many more. Kayla Cariaga not only is a successful artist and performer, she also is a hardworking student at SUNY Purchase.

Kayla Cariaga released her newest single on April 26th, titled “Deserve You” which is a catchy pop song that relates to many. Kayla sings “Here we go again talking about her, how she messed up and screwed you over, you don’t need that type of love, what you need is a one true lover, all you need is someone who cares, someone who takes the time to be there, give you everything you’ve ever wanted”. This is my favorite part of the song because it relates to everybody. Kayla Cariaga reminds the listener about the type of relationship that everybody deserves! The lyrics have truth behind them and her voice is beautiful and charming. Along with her upbeat vibe, Kayla is gaining a lot of traction from this release!

Kayla Cariaga is in the midst of receiving music distribution deals all around the world and is currently publishing local deals. She is presently working with well known producers with billboard hits in New York and LA To keep an eye out for her new and exciting releases, check out her website!

Listen to "Deserve You" here and read our exclusive interview with Kayla Cariaga below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers a little more about yourself and background?

Hi! My name is Kayla Cariaga. I’m 18 years old and I’m about to be 19 in June (it’s crazy how time flew). I grew up in Monroe, New York and currently live in Elmsford, New York. I’ve been songwriting since the age of twelve, and have been chasing the dream of becoming a successful singer-songwriter ever since.

What inspired you to write your newest release “Deserve You”?

I got inspired to write this song after friendzoning a guy (oof). I felt really bad, but I didn’t feel much of a connection. As I began to write this song, I decided to place myself in their shoes. The entirety of the song is dramatized and mostly fictional. Each verse isn’t based on a true event.

Is there a hidden meaning behind “Deserve You”?

Not really, it’s kind of self-explanatory. The gist of the song is about a character that can’t help themselves from becoming vulnerable to someone that isn’t good for them. In their mind, the person strongly believes that they’re what’s best for them. However, when reality hits, the fantasy of being with that person shatters. The truth of being nothing more than a friend hangs over their head and haunts them each time they go through denial. Despite all the hurting they’re going through mentally, they continue to love the person from afar—even though they’re currently invested or with someone. A cycle of heartache occurs due to having high hopes of fantasies becoming true.

Do you have plans on going on tour to perform?

Yes, I do intend on going on tour to perform, but I haven’t thought of exact dates due to scheduling. As of right now, I’m focusing on making new music!

Congratulations on your success in your career so far! What can we expect in your upcoming work?

Thank You very much for your support! You can expect maturity and growth within my lyrics and music in general. I’ve been focusing on my craft ever since college began and I’m extremely excited to record/release new songs soon!


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