Hit Repeat "All Night," with Khadi Lee's Latest Summer Single

The Cleveland-based r&b artist and singer-songwriter Khadi Lee releases a refreshing single and music video just in time for summer entitled "All Night."

Fresh off the release of his latest EP, 'Late Night Hour,' Khadi Lee saw vast success through the project with help from Cleveland's Real 106.1 iHeartradio Spotlight Artist segment, where he was able to premiere an advanced listening session. With influences like Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, James Brown, and Usher, Khadi Lee's music is bound to leave any listener feeling refreshed.

Now releasing his steady summer groove, "All Night," Khadi Lee is also excited to release the single's accompanying music video, which will further accentuate the song's lively and carefree summer vibe. Stellar Music's contemporary r&b production infused with afrobeat elements truly makes this song highly irresistible, as it fuels us with a desire to hit repeat "All Night."

As we begin listening to "All Night," the track opens with soothing electric guitar melodies that send us into a hazy and warm atmosphere. As the warm afrobeat drums make their way in alongside Khadi Lee's bright vocal stylings, he begins vocalizing romantic scenes of getting lost in someone's love all night long. We adore the summer feel of this vibrant single, as it delivers immense passion and energy to get us out of any rut.

As Khadi Lee continues serenading us with his melodic and tender vocal stylings, he brings us into a flavorful r&b/afrobeat space that sends us straight to the beach. We must also mention the captivating feel of this song's production, as it's as bright and luminous as a sweltering summer day.

Don't miss out on Khadi Lee's exhilarating single, "All Night," and catch the song's accompanying music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BUZZMUSIC, Khadi Lee. We're truly getting down with the bright summer vibes of your latest single, "All Night." What inspired you to create this warm and romantic summer single?

Spending time in lockdown, like most people I really began to miss human interaction. That is the canvas for All Night, craving those sweet moments and vibes with someone special. I wanted it to be upbeat to spread some joy and love because we all have that one person that when we are with them everything feels better. What was it like working with Stellar Music to create the sonics for "All Night"? How did you create the sonics to be so refreshing and uplifting?

Working with Stellar Music was amazing and we organically had a great connection. We had previously discussed what type of sounds and elements I was feeling and they exceeded my expectations. With All Night having such a sweet summer feel I knew instantly I wanted something people could move to. So it was important to create that vibe, and we even set the studio lights to a warm feel and looped tropical landscapes on the monitors creating the perfect aesthetics for inspiration. Do you usually create such anthemic and feel-good singles like "All Night"? Or is this more of a seasonal/summer outcome?

All Night is my very first record in this lane. It was all about exploring new sounds while I'm in LA and growing my artistry. So I believe it came at the perfect time for a nice summer anthem. I am currently experimenting with a bunch of new sounds, so I'll say there is more that I want to show with my next music releases. We've heard that you're working on a future project. Could you drop some hints regarding the project and what we should conceptually/sonically anticipate?

Expect the unexpected, the goal has always been to take my supporters on this journey with me. This new music will showcase more layers of who I am and what inspires my music, but you can definitely anticipate songs about love, dating, and relationships. What's next for you?

I'll be back in LA soon to work on new music and I am also super excited about getting ready for live performances as live events are coming back.