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Hit the "Throttle," with Fastmoney RK's Scorching Single

Soaring in from Vancouver, BC, the budding hip-hop artist, songwriter, and rapper Fastmoney RK releases a tribute to the fast-paced artist lifestyle with his recent release, "Throttle."

Although he's been creating music for the past decade, Fastmoney RK recently rebranded himself as a powerhouse rap artist under this new alias. After making his way from Surrey to Toronto, Fastmoney RK was entranced by the fast-paced lifestyle within the 6ix's hip-hop culture, which is where his current alias came to life.

Recently releasing his heated 10-track album, 'Roses are Red, Hundreds are Blue,' Fastmoney RK is eager to get this album out into the public by way of the project's lead single and music video "Throttle." With a catchy hook and incredibly modern production elements, Fastmoney RK is able to introduce us to his fluid and sweltering bars that leave us craving a night out.

Diving into the single, "Throttle," the track opens with a dark and ominous guitar sample alongside Fastmoney RK's soothing vocal hums. As he drops into the sweltering verse, Fastmoney RK begins drenching listeners in his fast-paced lifestyle with bars that touch on hitting the clubs with endless bottles, girls, and cash.

What we love about this track is Fastmoney RK's versatile vocal approach, as he goes from rapping his heavy verses to serenading us with his incredibly melodic and sultry vocals. We must also mention the song's powerful and influential music video, as it captures everything that we look for in a picturesque night out, which we're more than excited to live over once again.

Catch Fastmoney RK's recent single, "Throttle," on all digital streaming platforms, and find the song's thrilling music video on YouTube.

We can't get enough of the savory and intense vibe within your latest single, "Throttle." What inspired you to create a single that pays tribute to an artist's fast-paced lifestyle?

This single is about pushing forward through hard times and being present in the moment you’re in at any given time. It was inspired by the happy-go-lucky, blindly optimistic nature that I carry through life.

Who handled the production and beat for your single, "Throttle"? Did you have a say in how the sonics should sound or did another producer pre-make this beat for you?

I honestly just searched a Travis Scott-type beat on YouTube & this one caught my ear… I’ve attempted to get in contact with the original producer but they have since disappeared & the beat is no longer online. As far as the mixing, my good friend Denton Milton at 2track Entertainment is responsible for the recording and final sound of the track.

What was the overall shooting process like for your music video, "Throttle"? Did a team accompany you to help execute your vision?

Jarett Lopez at Team Grow, a prominent marketing and brand building firm in Vancouver, really helped bring my vision to life. He and his team were present for the majority of the planning/shooting process and the final video product captured the eccentric and colorful vibe felt in the song.

How does "Throttle" fit into the overall 10-track album, 'Roses are Red, Hundreds are Blue'? Does the project capture a similar vibe as the single?

Throttle should be viewed as the climax of my album! You can really feel the songs leading up to Throttle build the suspense in anticipation for this track as the project finally comes to a close. All 10 of the songs are cohesive with the same melodic, bouncy-808 sound.

What's next for you?

Next, I will be taking it back to my roots. I plan to release a project detailing my childhood growing up in Surrey— a more “hood” area on the outskirts of Vancouver; along with videos and a specific style of music native to Detroit but widely appreciated among the youth and culture in Surrey.

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