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Hitha Has Us Dancing “Forever”

Hitha, an award-winning teen artist, gifts us with her magical new song, "Forever," as she takes us on her journey of everlasting love between a father and daughter. This dance-pop record doesn't only make us dance but takes us on an emotional journey, one that could have us emotional for a moment.

"Forever" quickly became one of Hitha's top 5 most popular tracks as her vocals grows through a pop-based instrumental. She digs deep as she talks about memories, love, and pain. She hopes to inspire people with confidence, self-love, and motivation with her uplifting message. She also pays homage to her father and all the father figures in her life.

As we enter into "Forever," we hear the words "Love you" repeated. As the beat enters with classic piano keys, we immediately hear Hitha's dashing vocals lift us up into a magical place. This upbeat pop record takes us to the highest vibrations, keeping you moving and free in your own magic world.

Hitha holds no emotions back, expressing just how deep her love for her other half goes. Never letting her and feeling like royalty in his embrace, she promises to love him forever, as long as they're never apart. Hitha says she is the 'Robin to her Batman, ' living in her heart forever,' loving him at any cost. You can hear in her vocal delivery how much feeling unconditional love for someone can amplify records.

As we round off to the end, Hitha tells us how her dad was always with her no matter what, and she'll fulfill her destiny regardless of setbacks. She ends with her catchy yet emotional chorus that brings us to the question, why is "Forever not on the radio yet." Hitha proves to us why she's the perfect activist for teens!

Stay dancing with Hitha, and her new single "Forever" is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hitha. We are so pleased to have you here with us today. "Forever” is such a vibe. How did you come up with the concept, and who did you get involved to assist in making the record a success?

The concept of Forever is centered around my love for my dad. I wanted to write a song about him for a long time because my dad was and still is my biggest supporter. I had written many different versions of this song, but nothing clicked until I wrote Forever. It just made sense. But I had help. Of course, my dad pitched in by telling me about key memories he had when I was little. It really allowed me to dig deep into our father-daughter relationship and somehow put that essence into Forever. The song itself would be nothing without the artistic input of Krunkadelic. He produced this song to perfection, taking it in an upbeat direction that I would never have thought of.

You spoke about some deep topics in "Forever" what did you want people to take away from the record?

This song is truly for my dad. But I also wanted to highlight the importance of support in it. Not many people are as blessed as me when it comes to the father department, but this song doesn’t just have to be about fathers. I hope when people listen to Forever, they can relate it to other relationships that serve to guide them through this world.

What are some of the goals you set for yourself musically that you feel you accomplished or got close to accomplishing?

Forever is certainly not my typical song. I tend to lean towards an Indie/Pop sound with acoustic guitar and a lot of harmonies. With the help of Krunkadelic and my dad, who was with me in the studio, I was able to push myself into discovering an entirely different musical side that I loved. After all, Forever is a wonderful song, and I couldn’t imagine it without its upbeat tempo and EDM-based music. I am glad to step outside my comfort zone with this song. I think it really paid off.

"Forever" seems like it has the potential to grasp many different types of audiences. What genre would you want your music to be associated with?

I want Forever to be heard by all types of audiences and enjoyed by people worldwide. Some people might listen to Forever for the upbeat dance music, while others could be interested in the warm lyrics. Typically, my music fits the indie/pop genre but Forever belongs in EDM or dance-pop.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Listeners can anticipate my upcoming album, in which Forever is one of the songs! They can also watch the new music video of Forever, available now! Connect with me on my website for all the latest updates.


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