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Hold Faith with Oliver Charles' Sincere Single, "Let Go of My Ghosts"

From the Great White North, the compelling singer-songwriter and pop/folk artist Oliver Charles hold faith for future love with his recent single, "Let Go of My Ghosts."

After discovering his passion for music in his teens with help from a musical family, Oliver Charles later learned his way around piano and guitar. Fast forward a few years, Charles has accumulated over 1M streams while also bearing a single selected as 'Hit of the Week' on the Quebec English charts.

Now releasing his pop-folk hit, "Let Go of My Ghosts," Oliver Charles sinks deep into reflection with his genuine lyricism while soulfully drifting alongside the toe-tapping and natural instrumentation. Attempting to overcome trust issues and hold faith in love once again, Oliver Charles invites anyone who struggles with similar situations into this warm embrace of a single.

Diving into "Let Go of My Ghosts," the single begins with Oliver Charles' bright and melodic vocals alongside a plucky bassline. Right off the bat, we're already enamored by the song's delicate and soulful atmosphere, especially as Charles continues performing his heartfelt lyricism for us to cherish and resonate with.

Reaching the hook, an uplifting array of female harmonies accompany Oliver Charles to further accentuate the song's tender and gentle theme. As the soothing sonics continue to drift with help from twangy electric guitar melodies, a warm acoustic guitar, and mid-tempo drum breaks, the song slowly makes its way to the outro while Oliver Charles exclaims his desire to leave his worries behind.

Hold faith with help from Oliver Charles' inspirational single, "Let Go of My Ghosts," and keep track of the Canadian singer-songwriter as he prepares to release his debut album later this year.

Hello Oliver and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're genuinely enamored by your heartfelt words and soothing instrumentation within the single "Let Go of My Ghosts." Was there a particular experience that inspired the creation of this single?

First of all, thank you for your kind words and for the opportunity to talk about this single. This song came to me when I was living alone and was going through a breakup. A lot from that relationship was weighing on my shoulders and, like most of my songs in this first album; I sort of documented my experience and wrote a song about it, typically with my guitar in my living room. To help me get out of my pajamas, my best friend invited me to a party where he insisted I’d meet this girl who he thought I’d get along. He was right; we automatically connected. The problem was, I still felt the weight from my past relationship and felt like those demons were keeping me from moving on and trusting love again. I really needed to move on. That moment and time are what inspired “Let Go My Ghosts.”

What was your creative process like behind the scenes of "Let Go of My Ghosts?” What feel and atmosphere did you initially want the single to capture?

I always try to stay genuine when I write a song. I believe that if something is bothering me or if something I’m going through is occupying my mind in a significant way; then it must be an important lesson. Writing a song about it is my way to learn and go through it. Trying to connect with people who might also be going through a similar experience is my purpose. I learned a new way to play guitar through Let Go Of My Ghosts. I tried to replicate my feelings by finding a melody on the guitar that would be beautiful, but also busy and distracting. It’s the way I felt about my baggage and how it was constantly distracting me from dating again. So the melody on the guitar is what came first. It was hard to find a vocal melody that could marry such a simple, yet busy riff. I recorded a home demo myself like I typically do every time I write a song, and I sent it to The Grand Brothers, hoping they would be interested in producing it professionally. They accepted and I learned so much from them. It’s a privilege for me to hear this final production. It was quite an adventure. So many talented musicians are on this record.

Regarding your forthcoming debut album, how long was the project in the making? Did you work with any other producers, engineers, or musicians when creating the project?

It feels like this album is so much more than the 2-3 years it took to produce it. Some songs, like Do You Mind, have been in my back pocket for a good decade. What people don’t know is that I actually had a full-length album completely ready for release back in 2017. This album included singles like “Follow Me” and “I Can’t Love You Just Yet”. We started off releasing what we believed were the strongest songs in the album. A voice inside of me felt like it wasn’t enough and made me feel insecure and not ready. I knew I could do better and wished to take time to reflect and improve my art. My team and I accepted to never release this album. Maybe I was too hard on myself or my expectations were too high. Nonetheless, I went back to the drawing board, met a bunch of artists in songwriting camps, probably worked with over 4 or 5 different producers before committing to an artistic direction. Once I connected with The Grand Brothers, I still had a long way to go. I wasn’t as confident of a singer and it took a while to find my voice. We actually re-recorded all the vocals 3 months before the release of “Let Go Of My Ghosts”. My voice had matured and you can actually hear the difference compared to past single like “Hypnotizing” or “Will I See You Again”, which I performed 1-2 years ago. It was quite an adventure and I’m really glad I chose this path, I believe it made me a much more confident artist.

We've heard that your forthcoming debut album will have a vintage appeal and tell stories of your personal experiences. How will the collection of songs on the album help listeners get to know you and your music better?

Music is a language, it’s a tool to share and communicate with others. I believe artists write music to, on one hand, create and discover who they are. On the other hand, they want to feel connected with people. I’ve come to realize, people react well and feel connected to individuals who are truthful, genuine, and relatable. Empathy plays a huge part in that. I’d say I fall easily in those categories. I simply love creating music; it’s mathematical, creative, and unique to each of us, conversation-based, and always playful and exciting. It’s also a way for me to feel connected with people and if I stay real and transparent in my songs then all the more chances I’ll succeed in building that relationship with the public. I think it’s a perfect first album to open up a conversation. People of all ages still feel connected to the roots of folk and pop music. It’s the first genre I fell in love with and that love resonates in the album. The future might hold a new sound as we all evolve, who knows, but this represents my upbringing.

What's next for you in 2021?

I am constantly working on making my dreams come true, so my future is full of music, that’s for sure. I will definitely be co-writing and producing much more than I ever have been before. I feel like I am becoming more creative every day and will put effort into releasing a lot more songs than I have in the past. It’s time to come out of the studio a little. On a personal note, I plan on working on myself and try to lower my expectations in life in hopes to manage anxiety and other general struggles. I plan on becoming a better person for myself and for the people I love. I want to continue building a life with the person I love.



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