Hold Faith with Oliver Charles' Sincere Single, "Let Go of My Ghosts"

From the Great White North, the compelling singer-songwriter and pop/folk artist Oliver Charles hold faith for future love with his recent single, "Let Go of My Ghosts."

After discovering his passion for music in his teens with help from a musical family, Oliver Charles later learned his way around piano and guitar. Fast forward a few years, Charles has accumulated over 1M streams while also bearing a single selected as 'Hit of the Week' on the Quebec English charts.

Now releasing his pop-folk hit, "Let Go of My Ghosts," Oliver Charles sinks deep into reflection with his genuine lyricism while soulfully drifting alongside the toe-tapping and natural instrumentation. Attempting to overcome trust issues and hold faith in love once again, Oliver Charles invites anyone who struggles with similar situations into this warm embrace of a single.

Diving into "Let Go of My Ghosts," the single begins with Oliver Charles' bright and melodic vocals alongside a plucky bassline. Right off the bat, we're already enamored by the song's delicate and soulful atmosphere, especially as Charles continues performing his heartfelt lyricism for us to cherish and resonate with.

Reaching the hook, an uplifting array of female harmonies accompany Oliver Charles to further accentuate the song's tender and gentle theme. As the soothing sonics continue to drift with help from twangy electric guitar melodies, a warm acoustic guitar, and mid-tempo drum breaks, the song slowly makes its way to the outro while Oliver Charles exclaims his desire to leave his worries behind.

Hold faith with help from Oliver Charles' inspirational single, "Let Go of My Ghosts," and keep track of the Canadian singer-songwriter as he prepares to release his debut album later this year.