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Hold onto Your Roots With Michae McCall's "Farther from Home"

Hailing from Washington State, singer-songwriter, and country recording artist Michael McCall is truly a welcomed surprise to the country music sector and the world.

Engaged by the eclectic and traditional styles of Otis Redding, John Mellencamp, Bryan Adams, Dwight Yoakam, Jason Isbell, George Strait, and Waylon Jennings, and a talented family of musicians (including one of his biggest influences, his father, who was a songwriter and guitarist), Michael McCall is drawn to storylines that captivate and phrases that lure and hook the listener.

The unalloyed passion that is demonstrated in his most recent single, “Farther from Home,” has us tapping into a pool of emotions that seamlessly overflow from our very being as Michael McCall hones in on his nostalgic country music roots.

Indulging ourselves in the luscious acoustic guitar riffs that gently pull us into a detailed storyline reflecting on Michael McCall’s life, there’s a profound honesty to the artistry that he graciously exhibits. With a deep tone that commands the prevailing croons, he spreads like butter upon this record, Michael McCall allows his listeners to instill a sense of security with the pacifying hues he immerses us in.

“Farther from Home,” wraps us up in a blanketed embrace that we don’t ever want to escape. With lyrical motifs like, ‘When I was young my world seemed small. High up on Daddy’s shoulders thought I could see it all,’ taking us deeper into the recollections reiterated by Michael McCall, there’s a dazzling familiarity that ties us into who he is above and beyond his craft.

Performing the heartrending lyrics from a place of therapeutic compassion is just one of the many reasons that we admire the devotion seeping from a Michael McCall creation.

A huge congratulations on the release of “Farther from Home,” welcome to BuzzMusic Michael McCall. You take your storytelling techniques to a newfound dimension with this track. What was it like working with Jill King, Harry Harless, and Scott Randall Rhodes in order to bring the lyrical vision to life?

Thank you! The song was actually written back in 2003 and the three of them absolutely killed it. While I’ve never had the opportunity to meet Jill, Scott and I met with Harry to get his approval on the version I wanted to cut.

What inspired the creation of such a personal moment in this particular record? Do you remember the very moment that the idea was conjured up?

One day while Scott and I were swapping songs with each other, he played it for me and it immediately hit home with me. From that very second, I knew I had to record the song. Together, we hammered out the basic vibe and mood we wanted to set. Later my producer, Buddy Hyatt (Music City Trax), added a Nashville chime to it, which we loved.

What does “Farther from Home,” mean to you as an artist? What would you like your audience to take away from this song?

Growing up on an Orchard out West, I would always think about how I cannot wait to leave my small town and never look back. However, once I left for the “real world,” I started to appreciate where I came from and it made me want to head back home. I feel like “Farther From Home” can relate to people who are leaving for college or moving to a bigger city. Sometimes you don’t realize how much something or somewhere means to you until you don’t have it anymore.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that transpires in the moves that you make?

To stay true to myself, whether I’m recording an original track or someone else’s. Most listeners care about a story they can relate to and can easily pick up on artists who are trying to pretend to be someone they’re not. I will always release music that is authentic to my life rather than going with mainstream or trendy-sounding song.


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