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Hold Up Your Fist With Victorious Vic's Needed Single, "Justice (feat. Showtyme)"

Continuing to chant for the voices needing to be heard, the Sacramento-based artist Victorious Vic channels the utmost strength and stamina with his powerhouse single, "Justice (feat. Showtyme)."

Reflecting every aspect of himself through his meaningful music, Victorious Vic has worked long and hard to fine-tune his craft to speak a broader message. Forming a different perspective after graduating from Sacramento State, there couldn't have been a better time for Victorius Vic to release his essential single, "Justice (feat. Showtyme)."

The empowering single speaks for all the lives who've been unjustly stolen, and all the lives who seek a voice that addresses a universal message of needed justice and equality.

With Victorious Vic and Showtyme's rhythmic and highly conceptual bars, we can't help but stand right behind the two talented artists and join them in their fight for basic human rights.

"Justice (feat. Showtyme)" energetically opens with a crowd chanting the need for justice, and the need for justice now. While the blistering Hip-Hop beat begins to swell with sonic power, Showtyme makes his appearance and takes our breath away instantly. From bars surrounding the corrupt justice system to the lack of government leadership, we can feel the raw and biting passion exuding from Showtyme's voice.

As Victorious Vic swoops in for the track's second verse, we can feel a similar intensity merely within his vocal delivery. While he states that he's sat back and watched long enough, we instantly feel this enraged sensation that irks the conscience through Victorious Vic's lyricism surrounding the blatant physical and emotional abuse that black lives have undergone for far too long.

With bars like "(What do we want?) A little less force, less war up in our streets," we're blown away by the power that Victorious Vic has infused into this single. 

When the social media posts begin to lessen, and the world starts to shine a light on different events, Victorious Vic and Showtyme charge through with "Justice (feat. Showtyme)" and remind us that the fight for justice is still heavily underway.


We're right behind you and your powerhouse single, "Justice (feat. Showtyme)." Did you choose to release the track now to remind listeners of the undergoing Black Lives Matter movement?

Not at all. The Black Lives Matter movement is spreading like a wildfire growing at a strong and healthy rate on its own. It was the Black lives matter movement that reminded me of some of the dark realities of our country. In time, we as people tend to grow numb towards some of the atrocities we experience and witness; in other words, we get used to it, and unknowingly accept things as norms that we shouldn’t.

How often do you read about some cruel acts such as police brutality or someone being murdered, then go on to the next activity in your day without a second thought? I know I’m guilty of it. Because to immerse yourself emotionally in every terrible occurrence you witness or hear about, would only break you down mentally. So life goes on and these terrible acts continue to happen unpunished a lot of the time. I decided I wanted to do a song that would amplify the message of the movement and capture the feelings and emotions that so many of us feel today. From the words to the production of the music, I wanted to personify the movement itself and reflect the pain, anger, and depth of it all. Speaking on the brilliant feature from Showtyme within "Justice (feat. Showtyme)," why did you want him featured by your side on such a powerful track?

Showtyme is a long-time family friend and I consider him a big brother. He had been present in the beginning stages and watched the tracked grow to what it became. He was inspired by what he heard and proceeded to state that he would love to be on this track with me. I simply smiled and said of course. He represents the generation right before mine.

The same generation of great artists like Snoop, Nas, Jay-z, Tupac, NWA, and Notorious B.I.G. grew up in. I knew Showtyme would be good for this song because he personally, has had multitudes of negatives run-ins with the police. This is no surprise because he fits “the description” as a tall black male. Had it not been for his quick and calm thinking in certain situations, he likely would’ve caught a “blue bullet” many years ago. Within the production for "Justice (feat. Showtyme)," the sonics exude incredible power and force. How did you go about making the production so engaging, samples, and all?

The sample in the chorus and opening was real. An audio recording from my phone.  I had been present at one of the protests here in my city with my brother Alejandro Hernandez, formally known as “Twosense“ the spoken word poet. I had been inspired by what I saw as I observed the chaotic anger and frustrations of our protestors. You had people there from all works of life. Every age group, color, and background you can think of. It was great to see such a variety of people being the opposite of numb; it was great to see people not simply proceeding to the next activity of their day and actually standing up for unnecessarily taken lives.

The power of the song was fueled by them. There’s no way I would’ve been able to come up with the production on my own without their help and inspiration. Upon uploading the clip of their chants, I simply closed my eyes and played what I felt into my system. When the music was done, Showtyme and I wrote to it. Once this stage was complete, I took our work over to a man named Hollis (@Ho11is). I had met him through my brother at the protest actually. My brother had recommended I worked with him for mastering and recording. I’m happy I listened.   Regarding the in-depth and highly meaningful bars, you and Showtyme deliver on "Justice (feat. Showtyme)," how did the two of you write lyrics that speak for black voices everywhere, needing to be heard?

How many times have you seen news clips of family members giving emotional speeches about what happen to their son, daughter, brother, sister, nephew, niece, etc? How many different chants are there nationwide protesting what’s going on? Not to mention our own personal experiences with the police here in Sacramento. I can assure you the hardest part in writing this song, was trying to pick and choose what bars would actually make it onto this track considering the limited space. Which inspired an idea I had to start a #JusticeChallenge. Basically the instrumental of this song can be found on YouTube. I figured other artists might have their own things to say so why not let them use the beat to make videos of them expressing their own views and helping the movement spread even more? What can listers expect to hear next?

I am just getting started and slowly working on a project. This year's events have inspired me to get back to doing what I love though I’ve never actually released anything until now. Expect to hear songs about love, life, and reality. Maybe even a couple of bangers for when your clubbing or zig-zagging through cars on the freeway.

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