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Holiday Is Unapologetically Riding, "Solo"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and r&b/hip-hop artist Holiday reminds us that sometimes, riding "Solo" is what's best for us, with his new and chilling single.

The resilient recording artist prides himself on experimenting with the ins and outs of contemporary r&b and hip-hop, merging sounds like Drake and Partynextdoor with other dreamy approaches similar to Daniel Caesar and Lucky Daye. Thanks to past connections, Holiday is able to explore a more vulnerable side of him and write relatable lyrics in a cathartic way.

Sending us into the celestials with his latest single, "Solo," Holiday showcases what his artistry is all about in this blissful three-minute piece. While expanding on former lovers and the toll their breakup took on him, he reminds us that flying "Solo" allows him to rediscover aspects of himself he wouldn't have seen before.

Jumping into "Solo," the song opens with a warm sonic landscape through heavenly background pads that fade into the foreground. As the downtempo and crisp drum breaks make their appearance, Holiday joins in and begins to serenade us with his melodic, comforting, and soothing vocal stylings. He later expands on parting ways with someone and attempting to keep his head up when riding around "Solo."

We're thoroughly impressed with Holiday's ability to portray such delicate and tender emotions, especially as he sings lyrics like "I can fake a smile in photos, on my own vibe, I might just end up lonely." As he leads us to the chilling outro, Holiday reminds us that reflection is critical when traveling through the turbulent unknown.

Don't be afraid to fly "Solo," with help from Holiday's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We want to thank you for releasing such a relatable and vulnerable single like "Solo." What inspired you to create this cathartic and compelling piece?

October is here. The weather is getting cooler. I just wanted to release something that fans can take a late-night drive to. This release is strictly vibes. I make music that you can smoke too, simp too, drive too, anything you want. It's always chill and relatable because I talk about everyday things that I deal with and other people probably deal with too. Everyone is so big on social media these days and you see people posting relationships, people out of relationships, some people going to school, some people just partying. You never know what is truly going on though on the other side of the social media site. I think that's what the message of this song is about. I'm just on my own vibe. I might end lonely because I care about myself too much right now. Things aren't always going great, but I am always going to have a smile on my face.

Who created the dreamy and comforting sonics for "Solo?" How does the song's production enhance your emotional lyrical theme?

"Solo" was produced by AIRAVATA. This is the first song he and I have ever collaborated on together, but I foresee us working together again in the future. I already have new tracks that I have begun working on.

Do you normally write such personal and vulnerable lyrics, similar to "Solo?" Is this a usual occurrence for you and your music?

I like to let out my feelings on all my tracks. I feel like the songs where I am most vulnerable are my greatest hits. People don't know much about me or my personal life. I like to let people know about me through my music. It is a sort of therapy for me. That is how I like to treat it, and that is how I want people to appreciate it. I want you to really listen to what is being said, and how it's being said. Don't ask me how I've been, what I am up to, or what I have been up to because I expect you to know if you listen to my songs.

Did you want your audience to take anything away from the single "Solo?" What impact did you want to make with this release?

This is the second single I have left out of 4 for this year. I just want people to feel my music and know I am still here. I am producing at a high level and I am putting out great sounds.

What's next for you?

Fans can expect this year to end on a high note, and look forward to 2022 being the year Holiday becomes a household name.


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