Holiday Spirit Comes Wrapped in a Bow with Micah Edwards' "December 26"

Frequently compared to a luxe fusion of Leon Bridges meets John Mayer, Retro-Pop artist Micah Edwards is releasing his highly anticipated holiday single, "December 26," on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

Reigning from Houston, Texas, Micah Edwards is known for his spirit of power, heartfelt love, and self-control, which continues to make him number one in the hearts of his fans. With "December 26," Micah Edwards is reminding listeners to approach the holiday season of 2020 with a stress-free mindset and soak up the moments that really matter.

"December 26," commences with the soothing elements of Micah Edwards reverberated warm embrace before the decadent guitar chords being strummed dip upon our minds in a fluttering fashion. Blending the notorious jingles of Christmas nostalgia with modernity, Micah Edwards pairs his serenading vocalization of the holiday-themed lyrics crafted with a soul-driven performance of his signature Lo-fi meets Pop, meets Soul soundscape. He provides a contemporary and inimitable flair to the typical holiday records that we listen to every year.

The instrumentation pairs fluently with the passion exuded in the lush vocals. Micah Edwards brings a calm and composed vibe to the end of a very tumultuous year as he delivers a relatable message through the music he crafts. "December 26," is all about eliminating the redundant customs that tend to add on a lot of unneeded stress during the holiday season. Although this year has brought stress to all of us, Micah Edwards drives home his point of making this Christmas one enjoyable. Take in every moment and go back to basics; remember what the holidays are about.

Micah Edwards is already galloping into our speakers and hearts with a double-time pace. There are no questions about the incline in his rapidly growing fan base as he continues to draw us in through his melodic creations.

Hello Micah, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “December 26." We love the tone that you set into place with this Christmas record! How different was your creative approach when crafting something specifically for the holidays versus everyday life?

Thanks so much! Honestly, the creative process for this one wasn't too different from my normal approach. The biggest reason being, I wanted the song to be festive without being overly jolly & commercial. So the songwriting looked a lot like writing a normal, groovy song - then just adding those magical, Christmas-y elements (including sleigh bells, of course). Also, my music normally features a lot of soul and jazz influence anyway. I kinda mentioned this in the song - but Christmastime is one of the only times now that jazz is played on pop radio. So since Christmas music is inherently jazzy, I didn't need to alter my sound too much to fit right in.

How long ago did you have this song locked and loaded? Did you know at the beginning of the year that this song needed to be put out?

Actually, I wrote this song in July of this year. Maybe it was the 100-degree Houston weather. Maybe it was the warm & fuzzy COVID time of year. Who knows, man. Inspiration struck from somewhere and I went with it. My theory is that, at that point in 2020, I was just ready for the year to end (we probably all were). And the year's end always means Christmas! So maybe my subconscious was trying to conjure up some hope in a bleak hour or something.

Could you please tell us; what was the studio session like when recording “December 26?"

Most of my recordings so far have been pretty minimal on the production side. I like to keep a lean operation and use my resources wisely. But for this song, it was an all-hands-on-deck production, for sure. Tim Qualls (co-writer, co-producer) was brought in early to help finish the songwriting, and then Ty Robins' talent (co-producer, mixer) was brought on heavily for production. We worked on this song from August-October, where a majority of our sessions included at least one (if not all) of the following: Christmas lights, whiskey, Mariah Carey, Irish coffee, disposable cameras, milk & cookies, Bootsy Collins, and a ton of Christmas spirit. This track also features a lot of instrumentation. I am blessed to be supported by some of Houston's best musicians - who I value greatly for their talent, but more importantly, for their friendship. And it was a lot of fun to feature so many of these characters on the track. It really felt like a way premature Christmas party in the studio sometimes.

If you could pick a favorite lyric in this song that would resonate with fans, what would it be?

Cool question. "We've only been handed twenty-five chances." Obviously, this lyric is talking about Christmas, but I hope it resonates in a way that's year-round. Look, we're only handed a short amount of time on this Earth, and it's really easy to overwhelm ourselves with a busy schedule. But the main thing that needs to be the main thing. And that thing is the people who mean the most to you. Time is short. It's not easily found, but it's easily given. Invest time into those important people. Especially this Christmas.

What was your inspiration behind writing "December 26?"

Remember Christmas when you were a kid? Those were the days - no responsibility, no worries. Really, the only worry we had was waiting for Christmas morning. Fast forward to today? Man, sometimes I can’t find the time to actually enjoy the Christmas season. It can get so crazy and busy. But I And I hate that feeling when I wake up on December 26th and feel like the whole Christmas season just passed me by. So I wrote a song about it. This song is all about what matters most. I love Christmas movies, decorations, all the great food. But all those things are usually still around on December 26th. If you don’t truly enjoy the Christmas season - making lifelong memories with the ones you love most, then there will always be something missing on December 26th.