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Hollie Beadell's New Single "Time in a Tree" Will Put You Right Into a Better Day

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hollie Beadell! Talk to us about your latest record 'Jukebox Nights'. What was it like recording the album? 

I absolutely loved recording the album it was a massive project and took up all of my time. It was the best experience and I learned so much from recording techniques to working with new people. I am completely obsessed with the album and it’s so close to my heart. 

You have some huge accomplishments under your belt, congrats! What was it like performing on BBC Surrey and being chosen by HMV to have your record sold on the shelf? I was kind of in shock when I was on BBC surrey I mean it’s the BBC! I am so so honored that they interviewed me and played my song ‘Get It Right’ on the show. The HMV thing was also a bit of a shock when I walked in and saw my album there it was a strange feeling. It’s such an achievement and it’s fantastic that it’s happened this early in my career. 

We really enjoyed getting the first listen to your new single “Time In A Tree”. How would you describe your creative process behind this song?

This song was originally sung and written by Raleigh Ritchie. I listened to this song and fell in love with it. So I decided that I wanted to recreate it. We started with guitar chords and then added guitar layers to it. We added a retro Casio synth that was so far away from the original and I think that’s what made it different. This is the second time I have played the drums in one of the tracks and I am no drummer but I had an idea and I needed to go with it. The vocals were the most fun to do we had Ed my guitarist singing below my backing vocals and I think that adds something a little special.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I am planning on releasing a lot this year I already have three releases lined up and working on more. I am also producing a band and a solo artist so I am busy as anything but that’s all part of the fun.


Connect with Hollie Beadell on Spotify and stream her new single "Time In A Tree" here.


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