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Holly Riva Reflects On The Pitfalls Of Modern Romance On Her New Release, “Drowning”

Will the up-and-coming songstress ever find love?

Tapped as one of the most distinctive and magical voices of 2023, Australian singer-songwriter Holly Riva exploded onto the scene with her highly acclaimed 2022 debut EP “A Memory” and hasn’t looked back since.

Possessing perfect pitch, a wide vocal range, and a natural ear for catchy melodies, this talented songstress has already captured the hearts of audiences outside and in the industry. With her follow-up release, “Love Who You Wanna Love,” proving that her earlier success wasn’t a one-off thing, this rising star should definitely be on your radar as 2023 winds to a close.

Talented but grounded, in every release, Riva’s unrestrained love for music is apparent. She seemingly puts her all into every single release, and her efforts have not gone unnoticed. With “Love Who You Wanna Love” receiving a nomination for the Best Song at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards and her environmental awareness song “She’s Calling” winning the prestigious John Lennon songwriting competition, her burgeoning career looks incredibly bright. Fresh from giving a stunning performance at an all-industry audience at MusExpo, Riva is showing no signs of slowing her meteoric ascension.

Riva’s new single “Drowning” is in true Riva fashion, flawlessly executed, with gorgeous melodies and meaningful lyrics and themes. Over elegant, minimalistic instrumentals that truly set the stage for her vocal performance to shine, Riva ponders the motions of unhealthy relationships and the damaging repercussions.

Dropping lyrics like “I just want to feel something that is real / Don’t you understand I'm drowning,” Riva examines themes of dishonesty, miscommunication, and mind games, enveloping you in the captivating yet slightly melancholy soundscape she has created.

Holly Riva’s newest release “Drowning,” is many things, but perhaps most poignantly, an exploration of emotion and life’s complexities and, most importantly a stellar piece of music.


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