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Holo's New Single “Gone” Will Melt Your Heart

If Holo were a more agro-punk or hardcore band of the Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat or Bad Religion variety, I might suspect that naming their track “Gone” was a nod to the optical imaging apparatus patent registered to Holo-Gone LLC back in December 2002. A swipe at the dawning age of out-of-control tech, or something. But the self-described “indie-punk” trio from Los Angeles isn’t that kind of band.

Overall, their DNA has less Offspring, and more Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World and Green Day.

That’s why you shouldn’t hope they're actually an elaborate parody of the Holo Holo beverage company, in an attempt to discredit the makers of heart disease-inducing carbonation and sugar products.

Don’t expect a grand statement or a revolution. Yet, this just might be the right thing to listen to after you discover your truck wasn’t actually stolen, you just forgot where you parked. Sometimes things aren’t as bad as you think. Holo is more suburbs and sprinkler systems, less urban wasteland and protests. Overall their new album is more O.C. than Echo Park, more San Diego than Venice. With songs like “Put Me Away” and “Hello” we have straight-up pop-punk positivity. Lyrics are relationship-based and kinda sweet, despite the gruff vocals. With the single “Gone” we’re offered one of the least pop-punk tracks of the whole World’s Worst album. Yet, despite the troubling subject matter (we’re treated to the words “I’m so far gone,” and “I’m a mess. I’m a wreck.”) the pop-rock is still relatively uplifting somehow (“I will not be the reason you drink away another night,” we hear). Certainly, the group could trace its roots to Blink 182 and the Used, but is more heavily indebted to Vampire Weekend and Rise Against.

Not all music has to be caustic, you know.

Listen to "Gone" here and get to know Holo better in our interview below!

What does holo mean to you?

Holo means the world to us. This is what we want to do for the rest of our lives and we are hoping it works out 

What are you doing to turn up the heat for East LA venues (Echo Park, Silverlake, Highland Park)?

Last year we had played around 5 shows per month in preparation for our album release 

Which artists would you say are your most significant influences?

There are so many artists that we like but to name a few there are bands like: have mercy/ foxing/ movements/ mom jeans. 

Why is “fun” such an important modus operandi for your live performance approach?

In a live performance energy is everything. One of the things We look forward to the most is to go absolutely crazy at a show on the weekend after a long week 

Is there a message behind your music, or what do you hope fans will take away from what you’re doing?

Each song has its own message and they stress how it’s important to keep realism despite all of the emotion that comes your way. -the goal is for fans to find something they relate to all while keeping things perfectly honest 


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