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Hologram Empire Released Energizing Single “Gypsy” Featuring Craig Owens

Hologram Empire released their single called “Gypsy” and this badass, electrifying song will rapture any dwell-some mood you were feeling prior to listening to it. The song begins with its striking electric guitar chords with progression you become immensely obsessed with. The vocals had this ear-piercing sound you may be familiarized with. When people like myself who normally doesn’t listen to rock music thinks about the genre of rock we usually think of the hardcore metal the media has portrayed the genre to be. However, the genre of rock is so diverse and split into many subcultures where it’s fascinating to hear a slight blend between two styles of rock in one rock hit and I believe that’s the fusion noticeable in “Gypsy”. “Gypsy” has your typically loud and chaotic vocals however the instrumental melody adds an element of softness to the brashful song. When you listen to “Gypsy” you can abundantly jam to the popular chords while subduedly enjoying the lyricism delivered in an energetic and charismatic manner!


Give a listen to Hologram Empire's "Gypsy" and catch their exclusive interview below!

Hey guys, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

We are Hologram Empire! A New Age Alternative Rock band that loves to party!

How did “Hologram Empire” form?

Hologram Empire is the product of the best musicians of broken up high school and college bands put together into one band that consists of people who are passionate about life, love, music and parties.

How has it been creating music and performing together?

Creating music is our escape from the world. We get to be kids again that make pillow forts around our kick drums and amps. Art is the most beautiful way of expressing emotion. As for performing live, again, WE LOVE TO PARTY!

Tell us a little bit about this album, what else can we expect from “Spirit Animals” ?

Spirit Animals is a lot heavier than our previous albums. We wanted it to sound like a chaotic rock party. We got set back in the release date due to the loss of our dog Chico. He was our little roadie. Always following us as we loaded our gear on the truck before gigs. 

Why did you select “Gypsy” to be one of the leading singles?

We selected Gypsy to be our single because we have the honor of working with Craig Owens on the song. He is helping us push our limits in the creation process and has a very cool vocal part in the song as well. 

How was it collaborating with Craig Owens on "Gypsy"? What made you choose Craig as a feature on your new single?

I sent the song over to Craig last year hoping he would love it and want to help us work on it. Sometimes dreams come true! We are still in the creation process and hope to share the final product with everyone very soon!

What can we expect from Hologram Empire in 2019?

You can expect a lot of dope parties and rock&roll from us this year!


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