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Honey Ribar Delivers a Heavy Groove With Her Brilliant Single, "stable"

The Minnesota-based busy bee, singer-songwriter, and r&b/pop artist Honey Ribar emphasize a positive state of mind with her latest single, "stable."

Amassing a broad fanbase with 500k views in under three days and 3.5M views on YouTube has led Honey Ribar on a powerful solo venture she never expected. So much so that Honey Ribar's mesmerizing sound has caught the attention of celebrities like Zendaya, Hunter Hayes, and James Franco while also garnering an even larger fanbase through performances at Madison Square Garden, the Excel Energy Center, and the Nassau Colosseum.

In a recent article, we are able to hear a sneak peek of Honey Ribar's latest single, "stable," which left us in awe of her brilliant vocal stylings and atmospheric sonic landscapes. Emphasizing that our lives are constantly changing, Honey Ribar is marking a new chapter in her career by way of her recent hit, "stable."

Expanding on "stable," the venture begins with short and bright keyboard bursts that drop into a warm r&b/hip-hop beat through punchy 808 kicks and snappy hi-hats. As Honey Ribar joins the party with her brilliant and vibrant soprano vocals, she sets the song's groovy and rhythmic tone while riding the beat with vast poise and confidence.

Reaching the song's hook, Honey Ribar melts her vocals down to an alto-tone while reminding us of her stable and sane mind frame. As we approach the bridge, a blazing and upbeat instrumental arrangement melts through our speakers while sending us into the prime eras of r&b.

Don't miss out on the toe-tapping experience of Honey Ribar's latest single, "stable," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We were genuinely excited to feature this beautiful and bold single, "stable." What inspired you to create a song that emphasizes your positive state of mind?

Progress and balance. A year ago you wouldn’t have even recognized me… I didn’t even recognize myself! To see where my journey of life and recovery has taken me has been nothing short of an incredible experience for me. I used to look at myself in the mirror and not recognize who I was. Now I look in the mirror and see exactly who I want to be, and all the things I look forward to becoming. And I just feel… “stable”.

There is no better feeling than making progress in your life and being able to look back at your journey and say… “it’s pretty amazing that I’m here.” I know not everyone feels like this all the time, but taking moments to reflect, celebrate the victories, and acknowledge our growth is an expression of gratitude and in turn self-care.

Did you work with any producers or session musicians when crafting the instrumentation/sonics for "stable"?

My producer Josh Zegan (aka yesh) produces all my music (@joshzegan). We had a meet-up one afternoon when I was out in LA recording and had the privilege of sitting down with artist and songwriter Andreas Moss, who has also had an incredible journey! Make sure to check out his music on all streaming platforms and give him some love at @theandreasmoss. I also need to give a shoutout to Sam Moses (@mosesmastering) for mastering all my music. This is my dream team and I am beyond fortunate to have these incredible people in my life.

What inspired the upbeat and blazing instrumental arrangements on the bridge within "stable," that contrasts the rest of the song's sonics?

I knew I wanted a fun/upbeat tempo for this release that was more uplifting, yet something with a chill vibe that evoked a sense of calm confidence. Josh (yesh) created exactly what I was hoping for… he always does! The saxophone breakout solo in the bridge is an expression of the joy I just couldn’t contain. My hope is for listeners to enjoy this song while working out, driving in the car, and dancing with their friends. It’s a reminder to celebrate your wins and to take gratitude in the progress you make. You’re doing a better job than you think.

What did you want your listeners to take away and experience after listening to "stable"? What sort of thoughts or emotions did you want to trigger?

Confidence! All the way! I begin the song with “not who I used to be, every conversation isn’t about me… it’s like finally!” This line hit right away. When I was in the thick of my addiction all everyone ever talked about was what a fool I made of myself the night before. Labels would be thrown around about what kind of a person I was. When I took control of my life, all the chatter about the B.S. I would pull in the past began to fade away and I was able to live more freely without expectations or labels being placed on me.

“Used to follow suit, now I’m making moves… got this attitude and I’m never gonna lose it” is me claiming my power over my addiction and the external forces that try to sway me in my stability. I don’t need to fit in by drinking, using, being thin, or making myself out to be anything other than what I naturally exist as. And neither should you. Be you and be confident in you. There is no one else out there who is you. You alone are the only one with your story, your experiences… and that is POWERFUL!

What's next for you?

I never truly know what’s next, which is what excites me so much, but what you can expect from me is more music! 2021 has been an incredible year full of songs that mean so much to me. They’re all pieces of my journey and as I put the puzzle together over time you will see glimpses of my past, desires of my future, and how I exist in the present. I am just here to be an example of someone who didn’t give up on themselves. If I can shed light on those in the darkness, I will have done exactly what I have been called to do.

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