Honeytiger Release Brand New LP “Brain On The Wall”

Vocalist and guitarist Isaac Clark teams up with drummer Josh Glauser to create the two-piece indie-rock outfit of Honeytiger. Hailing from Philadephia, Honeytiger delivers catchy alt-rock melodies with dark indie sensibilities. Their latest full LP 'Brain On The Wall' is out now and available on all major streaming platforms! 

Beginning with the immediately impactful “I Quit”, Honeytiger’s sound pours through with a nostalgic purity that seems all but missing from the modern indie-rock sound. There’s an anthem-like, near driving-ballad sort of aura to the song, particularly the vocal. It rises up from softness to intensity, and the soundscape effectively supports this, showcasing the progressing stages of the lyrics in a powerful and fitting way. While there’s an accessible and relatable quality to the sentiments, the next track titled “Dawdler” has taken to exploring these in an again classically rooted manner, giving the whole song a poetic undertone that intertwines beautifully with the developing power of the music. This kind of style can be found in varied fashions throughout the project. Always the drums and the guitars cascade in a refreshing and genuinely creative yet raw manner, which appeals for its realness, and reminds you that a live show is undoubtedly where things would really come alive.

During “Point Breeze”, the leading voice grips you more and more, moving from delicate and nearly spoken word during the introduction, to ultimately passionate and just gritty enough to really present this story-line with genuine heart and struggle. “Sundrop” adds an element of brightness in terms of the musical mood. The melody captivates as a few notes rise up and fall back down to layout the personal story-line. A hint of mellow and lightness follows later and helps build an interesting structure. “South Philly Summertime” afterward leads with more entrancing riffs and quickly captures your affection for its fine balancing between the quick and the mellow. An easy favorite for the simple yet still huge hook section. The simplicity allows for creative freedoms with smooth guitar and punching vocals. “Ultraviolet Buzzing Machine” is another highlight for the contrast with the rest of the album. It brings something melancholic and powerful combined with the steady pace of the vocal creating something easily memorable and quite classic feeling. Again, the lyrics and the general vibe of the music seem to hit less intensely, but with a second listen you start to form those meaningful connections!

“Piece of Cake” comes into the mix with a soulful guitar line. As the percussion sections move in, we’re graced with 4 minutes of indie-pop brilliance to take us further into this incredible project. “I’m Alright” features harmonically rich and emotional vocals to paint a soundscape in your mind, Honeytiger allows the listener to escape into an alternate reality and live in the music. “I’m Alright” changes the pace of the album, with light guitar strumming and a simple melody. The vocals are perfectly suiting the sentiments and light-hearted aura of this song. The musicianship on this project is consistently flawless, whether the moment is high energy or more of a subtle, intentional gathering of layers, this duo knows precisely how to bring about the right pace while still managing to impress.

“Confinement Howl” has a simple yet addictive melody accompanied by intriguing lyrics and the minimalist strum of an acoustic guitar. Things begin on a strong foot and grow to be all the more immersive and musically wonderful as the song pours through. Easily worth a second listen before moving on, a stunning indie track with a beautiful sense of depth and a brilliant hook. “Robot” is another highlight, showing a more rock theme embedded within the musicianship of the track. The hypnotizing vocals quietly calm and entrance the listener, while even more deeply considerate and honest lyrics drive a concept through. You get so much clarity from this project as if these are the songs that had to be sung, the thoughts that had to be shared. It’s a classic playlist and not a moment has been wasted or included purely to fill a space. “Same Fears” undoubtedly stands out for its cinematic ambiance and the gritty nature of that driving rhythm. A blues-like scene is set, within which a simple yet captivating, poetic song works in a hypnotic fashion to envelop the listener and contrast hits hard as the hook falls into view. 

“Endless Somersault” brings the album to a sweet yet mellow finish. The silence that follows after the playlist is finished will absolutely encourage another listen. That vocal tone and the style of these songs offer a distinct thread throughout, mood-wise though there’s plenty of eclecticism at work, and for these reasons, the album makes for a wonderful playlist to escape within. A great way to go out, superb guitar work yet again and an overall enjoyable, entertaining piece of music and performance. Honeytiger’s sound as it stands today is easy to spot. There’s plenty of individuality in the approach, and just enough familiarity to really appeal to the rock outcasts who crave that original, authentic aura. This LP “Brain on the Wall” is a strong release start to finish. We can’t wait to hear more! 

Check out the album here and read more with Honeytiger below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Honeytiger! Can you briefly introduce yourselves to our readers? How did you go about choosing your stage name?

Well, thanks! Isaac and Josh here from Honeytiger. We're a Philadelphia two-piece that plays rock music and are friends. We've just released our LP Brain On The Wall through the Philly DIY collective label goodhowareyou records and celebrated that with a record release party/show/party this past week.

How was the production of your latest LP? Did your initial vision for the album end up executing as you thought it would?

Our vision for the album is very close to what it ended up being. We recorded it in our friend Dan Taney's basement with my brother Jamie Clark as well and we set out to make an album that is very obviously two musicians making music rather than a super-produced and perfect record. We wanted to create something that we'd be able to play live with just the two of us, no loops, just musicians who when they make a mistake you hear it happen and that's ok. We're not(?) robots.

"Piece Of Cake" was that type of track that pulsates with energy! What kind of vibe were you going for when curating the track?

One part of our music that comes through on Piece Of Cake and has become somewhat of a signature for us is having a surprising dichotomy between the verse and chorus of our songs. A slower, sweeter, more serious chorus with a big riff verse. It's not a purposeful thing but has become part of the songwriting style that we've embraced.

The whole LP is extremely versatile and impressive! What would you say is the track that holds the most emotion? What’s the story or inspiration behind this song? 

Thank you! It's tricky because all of these songs are so special to us, but I think Dawdler is the song that carries the most emotional weight and feels the closest thing to a love song that Honeytiger has released to-date. I hope that through the music and lyrics people feel the personal importance and story of that song, but generally, it's about someone feeling blue on their 27th birthday and that's ok.

Thank you so much for chatting with us! Do you have any upcoming events or shows to tell us about?

We have some things in the works, but we're so happy and proud to have released Brain On The Wall and it's available to stream everywhere and vinyl is available worldwide at https://honeytiger.bandcamp.com/album/brain-on-the-wall


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