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Hookdiggy Brings Back The Feel Good Behind Hip-Hop And Rap

Hookdiggy released his single titled “On My Way” and we loved the entire vibe about this song! Listening to this song gave us a feeling of home. The soulful music that became apart of our culture where we listen and we instantly feel a sense of joy and love for not only the people around you but for yourself creates a sense of unity upon immediate hearing. “On My Way” totally has that effect on you. The charming and enchanting hook evokes a feeling of community not only with one culture, but variety of different cultures and ethnic groups and it’s just a refreshing sound to hear, credible to the singer Sunja Dannete. “We know this rap music ain’t seen its best of days“, rhymes Atlanta-based Hookdiggy in the defining record "Good Music". “Remember back when the artists would write/and try to captivate your mind from the thoughts to mic/Now I gotta give a little gimmick and dance/ If I’ma ever sell a record or get close to a chance.”

If Hookdiggy has a shtick in anything, it’s making good music. Drawing from his musical beginnings singing, playing piano and drums, Hookdiggy takes hip-hop back to its core – thoughtful, upbeat lyrics driven by steady, danceable rhythms. “On My Way” is nothing more than a timeless bop that can be memorable throughout households and celebrations and that’s why we're immensely attracted to the song. Music nowadays has seemed to be congested with meaningless mambo jumbo without any feel good sound behind it. Hookdiggy is here to bring back the authenticity in the hip-hop culture and we’re excited to see what he accomplishes.

Listen to "On My Way" here.


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