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Hop On A “Red Eye,” In Destxny’s Latest Single

Singer-Songwriter, Destxny, makes another long-lasting impression with her latest release, “Red Eye.”

This artist has proven that she is not afraid to venture into a variety of avenues and genres of music with her releases, constantly exploring and creating a fresh sound with every new track she puts out. Her creative process is based upon letting listeners in on her most personal thoughts and experiences. She has built up a catalog of a variety of singles over the course of the last two years, and we can’t wait to hear what she creates next.

Throughout her latest release, “Red Eye,” Destxny has created a mysterious and lush sonic environment for the listener to escape into. She opens the track with an ominous, seductive guitar line, setting the tone for the rest of the song. Her vocals are powerful and articulate, and we are hooked on every word.

Part-way through the song, an infectious drum groove kicks in, helping to create a fully immersive feeling for the listener and propelling the song forward. The sultry tone of her voice combines beautifully with the thick, dark production elements helping backing up the track, and we are thoroughly impressed.

Throughout “Red Eye,” we feel Destxny's lyrics deeply, slicing through the immersive soundscape she’s created. Swaying along to her lyrics of love and desire, we are engulfed in the intimacy of this track.

Let Destxny sweep you away in her mysterious and seductive new single, “Red Eye,” available on all streaming platforms.

Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind your lyrics in “Red Eye”?

I am so happy to hear you guys enjoyed "Red Eye"! I was going through an odd transition when I wrote the song. I met a ton of new people and zeroed in on the roles they were about to play in my life. When I sat in on this session, I wondered about the permanence of their roles. I questioned a lot about myself and how I felt about each individual. Once my pen hit the paper, or rather finger to my phone screen, my soul kind of did the talking.

We are loving the production backing up your vocals, creating an ominous, seductive feeling for the listener. Can you explain the recording process and how you executed your vision with the production of the track?

My brother, Remvmber When and I wrote this song. We both felt so sure of this one. There was something about it that touched our deepest emotions. After the initial demo, we knew this would be the one that would make our listeners feel a way. That's my goal with writing music; I want everyone to experience a feeling, a memory, a meaningful connection.

Is there a specific feeling or message you want the listener to take away from “Red Eye” while listening to it for the first time?

I want the listener to think of someone they love. Whether that be a partner, a friend, or a family member. Think of how this person makes you feel. Think of a moment where they reflected a side of you that was too unbearable to face. The story behind "Red Eye" follows two people who have fallen for one another. In a way that most would associate with a 'twin flame.' This person serves as a lesson in your life; they mirror your deepest insecurities to reveal what needs to be changed within yourself. They are here temporarily, but their impact lasts a lifetime.

You’ve mentioned that you like to explore a variety of genres and musical stylings with each new release. Is there a genre you’ve yet to explore that we can potentially expect to hear from you down the road?

I was recently featured on a song with Reg Mason and DJDaniverse called "Hola, Hola." That was the first verse I recorded in Spanish. I was nervous because that was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone. Spanish is my second language so I would love to embrace that side and give people a chance to get to know me and my background.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is written in the stars, and I have yet to explore that far out into the universe. However, I am excited to announce that I will be dropping a new single called "Forget It" next month. That one will be my love letter to the world. You guys will experience a vulnerable side of me that's itching to surface. Until then, Godspeed<3


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