Hop On This Slick Ride With Teflon Quan's, "BiPolar"

Atlanta, Georgia is home to Jaquan Price, affectionately known as Teflon Quan. As an American based rapper, Teflon Quan holds a burning ambition as he is gunning for the number one title.

Since the release of his first solo project ‘All It Takes Is Patience,’ Teflon Quan continues to feed the streets with numerous projects from Soufside Mafia. His latest project ‘Enjoy the Ride,’ is a 10-song experience that caters to each listener differently. For those who struggle to find strength, it is a healthy dose of motivation. For others, it could be a reminder of tougher times to help overcome current obstacles. Zoning in on the seventh track that the album offers, we become fixated on, “BiPolar.”

Dousing us in a rhythmic escapade that sways through various emotions, we are offered up the softer, sizzling side of Teflon Quan in, “BiPolar.” The smooth as butter instrumentation pulses with a mid-tempo attack that allows our mind and soul to get lost in the composition. Teflon Quan portrays a charismatic rampage of cadences that wash over you in one fell swoop.

His artistic panache covers the ground in the realm of the contemporary movement of Hip-hop that reigns heavily in the present day we live. Adding his own unique flavor as he addresses each verse in a breezy manner, the slick lyricism and storytelling aspects that are let loose in, “BiPolar,” have you chalked full of anticipation as this song charmingly carries you through the motions. The boisterous persona that Teflon Quan embodies speaks volumes on this particular record. His witty quips and knack for wordplay shine brightly as he takes us through each word performed in the verses accompanied by the captivating chorus.

When listening to, “BiPolar,” be prepared to get hooked on the infectious grooves that are eloquently flaunted from the styles that Teflon Quan fashions together. With his eyes on the prize, there is no doubt that he will remain undefeated in his sonic journey.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Teflon Quan! Congratulations on the release of, “BiPolar,” from your album, ‘Enjoy the Ride.’ Could you please take us into the meaning behind the title of the single and how it coincides with the lyrics you perform?

BiPolar is characterized by manic and depressive episodes. I felt it was a perfect title because the lyrics express internal thoughts & conversations I had with myself from both dynamics.

Where do you gain the most inspiration for the songs that you create?

My inspiration comes from multiple headaches & heartaches & pain that I’ve endured. ‘BiPolar’ is literally a compilation of personal conversations while reminiscing on the ups & downs of my life. I feel like my life was a roller coaster and at the same time, I realized that life is what you make it, good and bad. So the only option is to ‘Enjoy The Ride’.

Could you please take us into what it was like recording, “BiPolar,” and the rest of the musical creations found on, “Enjoy the Ride”?

Most of this project was written and recorded between 2018 & 2020. During this time I was in and out of relationships with lovers, friends and family and was struggling to find peace within myself. I spent a lot of time alone listening to music to drown out some of my thoughts. And a lot more time writing them down. I began to realize my toxic traits and decisions and was afraid of change. But I embraced that fear and turned it into this 10-song project. Writing these songs was relaxing to my soul and recording them was enlightening. I also spent a lot of time working on my vocal sounds and engineering skills with this project. It was completely mixed and mastered by me. It was fun experimenting to find a sound that I could enjoy and could be enjoyed by others.

By catering to each listener in the overall release of the album, what do you hope that your listeners will take away from this particular song?

When you listen to this song, I just want you to enjoy the ride. This is as close as you can get to literally reading my mind. Honestly, it was written as a letter to myself to remind me of times I wanted to give up and times I knew that wasn’t an option. Like an angel and devil on my shoulders, it’s a mental battle to see who would win.

What can we expect to see next from you, throughout 2021?

‘Enjoy The Ride’ was released on Jan. 1 2021 at 12:00:00 for a reason. The progress between my first project, ‘All It Takes Is Patience’, and this one only slightly shows the creative sounds I have in store for my fans. 2021 will bring more singles, more features, more projects and more progress.