Hosh Creates a Landscape of Images Through Music with “I Wish I Knew You”

Hosh released their single titled “I Wish I Knew You” and this song was so enchanting and completely mesmerizing. The song immediately begins with the beautiful chords from the instrumentation. The acoustic arrangement of “I Wish I Knew You” was crafted perfectly while the subdued vocals made a relaxing path to escape for the listener. When listening to “I Wish I Knew You”, you become absorbed within the song and feel yourself embarking on a musical journey that’s filled with detailed songwriting and vivid images painted by our imagination. This song is the perfect atmospheric record that you can get lost in. the vibrations this song gives is just memorable, strikingly pleasing, and feels almost like paradise. Hosh doesn’t put a lot of pressure on their vocal delivery which makes everything so much more extravagant.

They just have this natural magic to the quality of their voice that will reel you in and leave you stunned. “I Wish I Knew You” was a song you can play over and over and get trapped within the arrangement. Each characteristic of this record was pure and felt naturally zestful. Hosh undoubtedly offered us an amazing record that’s exclusively rich in texture and professionalism.

You can listen to “I Wish I Knew You” by Hosh here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hosh! How has the journey been so far? What has been the most monumental moment in your career and why?

The journey so far has been rocky but pleasant. I like to take things one day at a time and see what's in store for me. But the journey is rocky but pleasant is because, from when i started i've already released two full-length albums, which I'm happy for because all the people i've worked with on these songs are amazing musicians and talented singers. And the rocky part is my creativity flow. I went away from making music for a while since the last album dropped. I felt like it was gonna be a while for me to get back into a groove to start making music again, so I started to pick up other hobbies like doing sound mixing on film sets, that was fun. But then a struck of creativity came to and I told myself I'm gonna lock myself in my home studio and just play the guitar to see what comes out. Who knew that would work lol. Now I'm two songs deep into my new album. The most monumental moment in my career is knowing that people actually like to listen to the music I make. It warms my heart that other people can relate to what I say in my songs and that they can grasp emotion from it, That is what makes this all worth doing.

Tell us about your song “I Wish I Knew You”. What was the vision you had for this record? 

I wish I knew You was a song that came out of the guitar like that *Snaps Fingers* it was a really nice idea turned into a great song. The song itself is about two people and one of them expressing how nothing in this world can stand between them and their love. How they would climb a mountain if they need to, all to get to the other person, because they know once they're by their side nothing else matters except that moment. The vision I had for this record was definitely more of me singing, I learned through my first album that people liked my singing and I wanted to get better at. But the overall vibe I had planned was more upbeat and fun, but there were only a few songs that turned out that way lol. All in all, I liked how the album came out.

What inspired you to write “I Wish I Knew You”? In what ways were you able to personally relate to the lyrics?

All the songs I write are deeply personal. This song is about my lust to be with this person no matter what. It was really one-sided and I gave my all to be with her, trying to spend all my available time with her. I can personally relate because I've lived it.

How would you describe the production and arrangement of “I Wish I Knew You”?

All the production of my songs takes place in my bedroom studio at home, just spending all day getting the vibe of the song just right. When it comes to arrangements in my songs it really about feels. I'll usually make the guitar and play it all the way through and that is my structure. I'll build everything else on that. That's why in most of my songs I've got a weird arrangement, where instead of doing things in a proper 2 bars this and 4 bars that, my songs end up with 3 bars of this and 4 bars of that. But I like to believe that helps my music because it keeps you guessing what is next.

Knowing 2019 is coming to a close, looking back at this year what are you proud of the most Hosh?

I'm honestly really proud of my drive and persistence. That really helps me get through all the songs and push through to finish and put out music.

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