Hot New Rap Artist $AMURAI Is Making An Impact With Recent Track "Act Up"

$AMURAI. $AMURAI. $AMURAI. Remember the name now. $AMURAI is a young and promising rap artist making some serious noise within the music scene. We love up-and-coming artists, and the potential is undoubtedly there for $AMURAI. Residing at our home-base Los Angeles, CA, $AMURAI has built his artistic career up, and aspires many of his listeners through his tracks. Saying we're excited to see what $AMURAI is up to next is an understatement. His latest track, remix style, "Act Up" is a perfect representation of his abilities as an artist, and we're beyond stoked to be presenting his music to the BuzzMusic community!

$AMURAI's musical offering to the rap music scene is the exact kind of track I needed on my playlist. The remix to "Act Up" is crafted really well, showcasing that promising artistic side of $AMURAI. "Act Up" incorporates that groove-type feel, and I have to admit that I was swaying along to the beat (it was just so incredibly catchy!)--$AMURAI definitely didn't disappoint with this track. I definitely receive obscure elements to "Act Up" similar to the likes of Lil Dicky in terms of vocal flow and production (we have to admit that at least some of Lil Dicky's musical is extremely catchy and vivacious). The overall programming of the track "Act Up" is phenomenal, including the remix execution. We love the beat, the rhythm $AMURAI manifests with his lyrical performance, and it's safe to say this won't be the last time you hear of $AMURAI in the BuzzMusic community!

Listen to "Act Up" here and get to know more about $AMURAI below!

Hey $AMURAI! Nice to have you on our BuzzMusic platform! Can you introduce yourself, as an artist, to our BuzzMusic community?

Thank you! I’m so happy to be able to share my music and story with you guys. My name is $AMURAI. Which metaphorically means a “warrior”. I’m a striving newcomer in the game from the West Coast.

Tell us what it was like growing up with the music scene in Los Angeles. How did you come to find that music was your calling?

Growing up in a musically inclined household , I was exposed to hip-hop at such a young age. Watching my brothers rhyme and spit, watching my father play the saxophone and produce, I always knew this was my thing to do. I was born in Detroit Michigan but they moved us out here in LA to give me better opportunities and resources for me to accomplish my dream. Los Angeles is VERY inspiring. Connecting with other goal-orientated individuals who all has a goal of making it in the entertainment industry can be very supportive & motivating. 

"Act Up" was a song that really resonated with us here at BuzzMusic! Tell us how the production of this track was, and if you stumbled upon any obstacles while producing the song?

I’m not big on dropping remixes of popular songs and I was so hesitant to release this record because I didn’t want to be looked at as a gimmick or joke. Rapping is something I take VERY seriously. i initially made a home video to the original with just my opening verse. After viewing all the requests for a full version & seeing how people wanted the video to be longer, I’m just like “these people are trying to bop to this & I need to do what needs to be done and deliver it to the girls” so there we have it. I also wanted to keep the same vibe city girls had on the original with the lyrics, but wanted to go a more bold and different approach. It was honestly a lot of fun to write considering it wasn’t my style, but I can rap to anything just hand me the beat ! I know the homophobes & pro-black but anti gay nazis are livid. But it’s okay because if there’s a room in hell for the LGBT , I’m sure the hatred they spread on us resonates into their tacky lifestyles and behaviors so i’ll be more than happy to give them the front row concert when I headline the “hellchella”. 

What is the most important element you hold true to yourself as an artist?

Originality, authenticity, and creativity. So many rappers nowadays does music for quick clout & money with no passion behind it. This is why the radio and market is flooded with ABC mumble rappers. No shade at all, just Lipton tea! There’s been a shift in hip-hop though and thankfully people are starting to appreciate rappers who hones in their craft and focuses on their bars, delivery, and stand-out brand as a whole. This is something I like to have resonated through my music. I know I talk a lot because I’m so opinionated so I’m going to shut up now so I can answer the next question and not give these readers harry potter length answers.

We're excited to see what kind of music you'll be releasing this fall! Can you tell us any hints of what the sound will be like for your upcoming music?

I’m as equally excited as you guys! You can expect a lot of hard-hitting bass in the beat, energy that gets you hype, BARS & WORDPLAY, and just music that you can blast in your car, work out to etc. My mixtape is polar opposite from my Act Up Remix & I’m excited for everyone to really grasp an understanding on my artistry.


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