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Hot New Single Alert: Devo Gives Us "On The Way"

Devo is an artist that has been all over the map, from Europe, to Toronto to the Great White North. Devo calls Toronto his home, but he has also spent time in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and he still maintains the relationships he forged there since moving back to Toronto at the age of 16. Moving back to the city ignited his passion for music, streetwear, and the urban lifestyle. Ten years later, Devo is investing fully in his music, and says that “even though it feels like I’ve been doing this forever, I’m just getting started.”

We were so pleased to hear the latest from Devo, “On the Way”. Devo has a clean and refined sound to his music. His vocals are confident and his delivery is aggressive and swaggering. The beats add a great rhythmic aspect to this track and the arrangement is impressively detailed. This is the kind of single you just want to keep turning up, and we highly encourage you to give it a spin! Devo puts a unique twist with his single "On The Way" which we could definitely see breaking through the mainstream radio charts! We look forward to what Devo has in store for the future!

Give a listen to "On The Way" here and keep scrolling for the artists exclusive interview!

Hey Devo! Thanks for chatting with us. You say you have a love for Toronto. How would you describe the music scene there?

I think Toronto has really made it’s mark on today’s music and sound. There has been endless talent coming out of Canada in the last few years and the world is finally starting to see that. Artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Jessie Reyez, Daniel Caeser, Justin Bieber.. the list goes on. Canada has some of the biggest talents in the world and I’m excited that people are finally watching.

Who would you say are the artists that inspire you creatively? 

I mean, Drake is an obvious answer to most people that know me but, I love to write music more than anything and right now I would have to say Ty Dolla Sign is my biggest inspiration as an artist and someone like Khalid who I’ve seen grow from day one, to see how far he’s come is really inspiring.

Can you describe what your writing and creative process is like?

My process is pretty simple, I lock myself in a room or studio - go through hundreds of beats that people send me or I find online and just try to find something that fits my style or if I’m writing for someone else, making sure the message coincides with their story. Then it’s a matter of figuring out the right melody, flow and message. Sometimes I can write something within an hour and some days I have to take my time over a few days. It all depends on the song and mood.

Is there a particular message that you’re trying to express with your new single “On the Way”?

"On the Way" is kind of like my story. This is who I am, whether you’re into it or not. I’ve been writing/messing around with music behind closed doors for over 10 years. Early on I would show my close friends, kids in high school some stuff but I never really got serious with it until now. I’m ready, I’m here.

What does the future have in store for Devo?

More new music on the way, collaborating with more artists for my personal projects and hopefully a full EP coming soon. The people around me have been really supportive. I’m thankful for everyone who’s been involved in helping me grow, motivating me to continue to put out music and just be myself.


Catch up with Devo and keep up to date on the latest with the artist through his Instagram!


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