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Hot Prowl Empowers Women Everywhere In, “Goodbye to the Girl”

Australian indie-pop duo Hot Prowl is back and better than ever with their empowering and 80s-tinged sophomore single entitled "Goodbye To The Girl."

Comprised of producer Stevan T (Gary Numan/DJ Tiesto) and vocalist Melissa Jane, both artists share a mutual love for 60s girl groups and 80s pop. Their debut release, "Paradise," showcased Hot Prowl's profoundly relevant lyrical content and glittering production/instrumentals that never quit.

This time, Hot Prowl is unleashing a vibrant tune for the times while empowering women everywhere to free themselves from stereotypes and experience euphoric liberation through their new single, "Goodbye To The Girl." Melissa explained, "I'm so proud of this song. I hope it will be as powerful as intended for every woman who hears it. I see you."

Produced by Stevan T and mixed by James Millar (Client Liason/Robbie Williams), "Goodbye To The Girl" radiantly opens with pulsating 80s synths and funky guitars that prompt some major toe-tapping. Melissa's refreshing vocals express such needed lyrics of saying goodbye to the girl who hides from and lies to the world, inviting us never to feel alone again.

This song sounds straight out of the 80s, from the robotic vocal breakdown to the string-heavy background instrumentals. It's truly a treat to the ears, and Hot Prowl has no problem holding a mirror up to society while reminding us that our strength runs far deeper than it may seem. It's a celebratory song with a heartfelt message of being your true, authentic self.

Do yourself a favor and dive deep into the feel-good, uplifting vibes of Hot Prowl's new single, "Goodbye To The Girl," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hot Prowl. We truly appreciate the necessary and empowering message within your recent single, "Goodbye To The Girl." What inspired you to create a song that empowers other women to be themselves?

We wanted to capture the spirit of the dance floor and, at the same time, deliver a strong message of empowerment. In all of its facets, music can be so freeing; through dance, performing, creating, and listening, music can open up the parts of ourselves we otherwise keep hidden. It's escapism. We wanted to evoke that feeling. Capturing a moment of being completely free on the dance floor, at one with the music, of being immersed in the energy. It's also a personal triumph, a celebration of stepping into myself. I've encountered barriers at times coming into this space because of my age, gender, and other factors. That said, I think the biggest barrier has been myself and my own self-imposed limitations and preconceived ideas about what I'm capable of. I've had to push myself and work on my confidence to be where I am now creatively. Being part of Hot Prowl and working with someone as talented and understanding as Stevan has been extremely empowering for me. This song is us saying, "we are here" and fully embracing ourselves as artists as much as it is a message of empowerment to the audience. What was your duo's creative process like when formulating "Goodbye To The Girl" from the ground up? How long was this song in the making?

The songwriting process for this evolved organically. Stevan had a sample of a melody he'd written, and as soon as I heard it, I knew it was the perfect vibe for the lyrics and message within them. The song grew from there and took on a life of its own. It took a few months of us working together in the studio to develop the track and embed those themes of empowerment and celebration. We come from different places; Stevan is experienced in the industry and has produced music for some major labels/artists. I am brand new to this space, so I have a different perspective and experience. I think that contrast gives us strength in our songwriting. It's a really fun, free-flowing, and rewarding process for us. What was your goal with "Goodbye To The Girl?" What did you want your listeners to think and feel after hearing it?

We would love for this to be a dance floor anthem that makes anyone who hears it feel lit up and powerful. Music is universal; it's for everyone, and our aim was for that to come through. That sense of belonging and acceptance. Of finding your voice. We want to create music that's accessible and relatable but has that deeper meaning and nuance when you scratch under the surface. We both had to tackle our insecurities and doubts differently while developing the track. I felt confronted in some moments honestly about my ability not only to express but also to allow myself to feel "I belong here". My biggest hope is that this comes through in the song's feel, the sense of overcoming adversity and proudly standing on your stage in life, whatever it might look like. How does "Goodbye To The Girl" differ from your debut single, "Paradise?" How do these songs differ yet still help listeners get to know you better?

"Paradise" has a more mellow feel; we wanted it to be moody and atmospheric; it sits back and pulls you in. It's about addiction and the impact that it can have on relationships, with beautifully crafted lyrics and music by Stevan. Goodbye is more forward and obvious; it's such an upfront kind of pop song but balances well against Paradise, reflecting that balance we have as two unique artists coming together to make music. On the surface/on its face Goodbye is a poppy dance anthem, but when you dig a little bit deeper, it's got a lot going on. Both songs are equally layered and complex but also very different from each other. We wanted that contrast between the first two singles to express and showcase what Hot Prowl is about and the diversity of what we can produce. Both songs explore going beneath surfaces, deep diving into things, and looking underneath for what's hidden. This underpins us as Hot Prowl, a sense of wanting to leave no stone unturned and exploring new ideas. Our next single is due soon. Go further into new territory with some really interesting sounds and melodies. We are excited to keep creating, working together, and sharing our music. What's next for you?

We’re back in the studio working on the follow-up release, which broadens our sound and features an accordion as a lead instrument. We’re always exploring and aiming to push ourselves musically. We’re also looking at our first live shows next year, which will be a massive undertaking but something we’re very excited about.

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