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Hotwork Delivers New Single "BLOW YOUR MIND"

Born, bred, and based in Los Angeles, Hotwork is a 28 year old singer/songwriter/producer. His love for the hip-hop and LA beat scene matched his classical training and years of playing guitar to provide a real genre-bridging musical experience. In June of 2017, he released an official remix for Spencer Ludwig’s infectious song “Diggy” on Warner Brothers Records. He has since then released multiple other singles, including 2 covers. His latest dance single, “BLOW YOUR MIND”, was licensed to the app Genies (backed by CAA, Shawn Mendes, Offset, The Chainsmokers, 50 Cent, and many others) for their debut launch video. He is currently putting the finishing touches on an EP that’s set to come out Spring 2019.

“BLOW YOUR MIND” does exactly what the title says and creates a mind blowing dance party in your ears. “BLOW YOUR MIND” climaxes from the beginning and transitions into the the beat drop and that’s when the fun begins. That initial beat drop sets off the entire cloud nine sensation you were aiming to feel while making sure you’re mentally back in reality to absorb the encompassing party elements to keep you intrigued and energized. It also have certain moments where you can hear a solid soulful and groovy sound coming from one of the many fx instruments in this song.

Listen to “BLOW YOUR MIND” here and get to know Hotwork in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey what’s up everybody? I’m Hotwork but you can call me Chase. I’m a producer and a songwriter. Music is what I do best. 

How did you form the name “Hotwork”?

I was sitting there with my buddy after cooking up a few beats and we started riffing on ideas for the name of this project. We started playing with opposites of band names. We landed on Coldplay and here we are today. 

Do you remember the emotions you felt releasing your first single “Diggy”?

Well my first single was “Back Home” so I I’ll run with that. This project was born out of my previous band, CNYNS. Finally putting that behind me and committing to Hotwork was definitely a big decision and wasn’t easy. When my first single “Back Home” finally dropped, it felt right, and I knew I was on the right path.

What differentiates you from every other artist in the industry?

I grew up on showtunes, The Beatles, Wu-Tang, Pantera, (to name a few), and studied classical guitar in college, so I’d say that makes me pretty unique, as far as my musical palate goes. It really all comes back to my upbringing. I have to thank my parents for always exposing me to music from ALL walks of life, and I feel its conveyed through the music I make today.

Any specific music influences? If so who and why?

Other than the bands mentioned above, I mean WAAAY too many to list. I’m getting overwhelmed trying to whittle it down to a reasonable list, haha. My musical appetite changes pretty regularly. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of crate digging and have discovered some amazing records from bands like the O’Jays and Funkadelic. I’m finding great inspiration in classic soul and RnB bins at the record store. I’ve also been listening to a lot of house music which is definitely translating to the music I’ve been making as of lately. 

Side Note: I have a pretty strong belief that genres as we know them won’t exist 20 years from now. Every style is cross-pollinating and people are fusing musical ideas like never before. It hasn’t been easy finding my niche, and I’m not sure I truly found it yet, but I’m excited to keep developing my sound in 2019 and see how popular music evolves further.


What do you have in store for 2019?

Big things coming in 2019! I have an EP that I’m almost finished with, dropping this spring. I also plan on releasing several music videos to accompany the project. And I’ll finally be getting back in the rehearsal space to work on my live set. I’m excited to get back out there and start playing shows, hopefully come spring 2019!


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