Houston Artist MALCOLM Is at It Again, Turning Heads and Invading Playlists With His New Single

In 2016, Houston rapper and songwriter MALCOLM became one to mention in the North American music scene with the success of his debut album, '1992.' Across his mixtape, our Houston native flexed his way through stimulating productions that showcased his eloquence in songwriting and his fluency in incorporating new genres with his already established style. Most recently, he's made his desire to be recognized unmistakeable with the release of his new single, "I Know."

MALCOLM has produced a variety of genres of music ranging from funk, hip hop, and r&b, and his latest single is no stranger to the contemporary influences of modern hits. With the ability to uplift his audience through the multifaceted approach he has with music, MALCOLM pushes far beyond the limits of '1992'. The most effective use of his newfound foothold on the musical climate of 2020 finds him paired up with cascading reverse reverbs, double-time drum breaks and tight sub-harmonic synthesizers supporting the backbone of "I Know." Here, he sounds ethereal, colored with tasteful delay effects and immersive hooks throughout every corner of this modern R&B heavy hitter. As his verses build on confessions of internal hardship and the promise of growth and change, crystalline synth chimes recede into the distance. Before long, the song's structure dissolves, and MALCOLM supersedes the drums with a cascading vocal performance. This evolving production is breathing with life and dexterity as it transitions seamlessly with the help of modulating harmony shifts and filters. On this powerful union of hip hop and infectious R&B dance music, MALCOLM makes it clear that his talent is endless and that there is more to come.

Listen to "I Know" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Malcolm! We're totally invested in your sound--you have such a charming and warming presence throughout. How would you describe the process that you typically follow when a new song idea is born? What did the creative process look like for "I Know"?

When I’m creating a new song, it can go in many ways but I usually start with the beat, I produced most of my records but When I made I Know, I started with the beat and as it grew I added vocals, the song started off as a freestyle and I slowly wrote into the song to complete it. After getting most of the beat down, I went to my Engineer Connor Irias and he Co-produced the rest and it was a hit from there!

How do you think you have grown as an artist and songwriter since you first started making music?

When I first started making music I was in a rap group and young at the time, 16, so I was fresh into writing and needed a coach for it. That’s the same time I started to pick up producing so I was a baby, fresh. Now today it’s as simple as recording in my home and making sure it sounds good before I record in a studio. So I’ve come a long way!

You are based out of Houston, Texas, and have spent time producing a variety of genres, how do you think the music scene in your hometown has influenced the kind of music that you make? If not, why?

Houston has always impacted my music, Without Houston, I probably wouldn’t have such a sound that I do have, based off my voice, I have a country accent and when I’m rapping is when it comes out the most. The culture itself has shaped me into the man I am. Today and that impacts my music daily whether it’s Hip-Hop or something pop and soulful.

It was a joy featuring you here on BuzzMusic! When do you plan on releasing more new music and are you planning on collaborating with any artists in the future?

I’m always looking to collab with new artists! And the plan is to release a new song every 2-3 months. I just released a new song called, Best Me, it’s fully HipHop and it’s getting great feedback and doing well on streaming platforms!

Thank you for having me on BuzzMusic! I really appreciate the support and love for the music!