How the City of Angels Inspired Noumenah to Create Incredible Music

Hello Noumenah, Thank you for being with us today and welcome to Buzz Music. We love your sound, it is completely unique and inspires curiosity. How long did you explore electronic and classical music before coming up with this perfect symbiosis?

Thank you! My preliminary musical exploration and practice initially centered around rock, metal, and other guitar-based music. Towards the end of high school, I started to listen to more progressive rock/metal and started to notice film music more. This sparked an interest in orchestral music and music composition in general. From there I decided to studied music composition at Columbia College Chicago where I was introduced to the forms, conventions, and techniques of this tradition. Melodic and formal development within this type of music was something that I internalized. At the same time, I started to explore other styles of music within the vast genre of electronica. Many of my friends introduced me to a variety of artists (Baths, BT, The Flashbulb, Tim Hecker) who expanded my conception of what types of sounds could be used as structural building blocks in music. My project Noumenah typically displays the timbral novelty of modern electronica while having the formal dynamism typically found in classical music, film music, and progressive rock.

Los Angeles is known as the City of Dreams, what about living in this city inspires you to make music?

Los Angeles is an interesting place that can really be what you want it to be. Over the years I have realized how easily your subjective disposition can affect your overall perception of the city. If you hold a positive and hopeful inner disposition, LA becomes a very inspiring place to be--the intense competition and talent around you become an impetus for your own work and improvement and the surrounding natural areas become a beautiful respite from said work.

Your ability to composite many different genres into something completely different, but still recognizable as music is impressive. When did you decide that you wanted to develop Noumenah?

Most of my time in Los Angeles has been spent developing my film composing career and teaching. While I love both, I have also always wanted to create a body of work that represents my own musical vision. I decided that this past year was the time to start creating that body of work and the process really rejuvenated my love for music.

Liquescent is subversive in the best ways and leaves us yearning for more. What are your future plans for Noumenah?

It's a great question. At the moment I primarily see it as a studio project, but perhaps in the future, there will be performing. I have plans for releasing singles and hopefully an EP and am very curious to see how this project develops. It has been a very intuitive process so far and will serve as a public reservoir of sounds that I find to be powerfully meaningful or simply for sounds that induce a sense of equanimity or even ecstasy.

Stream the sounds of Noumenah on Spotify.