Hunter Blair Ambrose Exhibits her Flair with "Baby Goodbye"

Entrenched in charisma, Hunter Blair Ambrose is constantly impressing as she fervently fires off another riveting single, this time with "Baby Goodbye." Shimmering brightly out of New York City, Hunter releases a hit that gives audiences an insightful look into her sentimental past and how she's turned her experiences into an artistic exertion of passion towards musical expression and creativity.

"Baby Goodbye" paints a vivid perpetual picture of a past relationship that entwines a fascinating synth-pop beat with invigorating, mesmerizing vocals. This undoubtedly speaks volumes to the magnetizing sound Hunter Ambrose possesses and the clear and captivating message she aims to deliver. With influences including Lady Gaga and The Weeknd, this song is an abundantly brilliant testament to the new-wave R&B sound so many people have come to love and appreciate. "Baby Goodbye" projects itself astoundingly as an energetic anthem to listeners everywhere. It gives us an appreciative glance into the efficiency and effort that goes into an artist's work during a prime stage of their ascending career.

As Hunter Ambrose continues to deliver with phenomenal music, we look forward to following her remarkable talent as she continues to conquer every project she dives into. We can hardly wait to hear more of her electrifying sound with the release of her album titled 'Scorpio Season.'

Congratulations on the release of "Baby Goodbye." How did you come up with the concept for this song and was there some specific inspiration behind it? Throughout much of summer and fall 2020, with the pandemic occurring, I had more than enough time to really sit back and brainstorm much of the material that has now become my upcoming studio album, Scorpio Season. My new single Baby Goodbye was inspired by all of the post-breakup bitterness and cynicism that we can experience- constantly wondering and obsessing over where it all went wrong. The song also touches on self-destructive tendencies and giving into vices to ease the pain of loneliness and despair- whatever vices they may be for the individual listener, I’m sure we can all relate to resorting to some form of escapism to numb the pain. I wrote the song sitting in my hotel room in California while I was out there working on the preliminary production sessions for the album. I was working with a simple chord progression and toying around with a few top-line melodies and all of the sudden, the main hook hit me out of nowhere. And the “baa-aaaby good-bye” cascading hook that is repeating throughout the song, convinced me that I had just written a reputable pop song.

How has living in New York City impacted the creation of your music?

Living in New York gives me a constant source of inspiration- probably from the sensory overload of living in such a bright and vibrant city and from the constant opportunities to meet new people and to go to new places. Living there for much of my life has given me a multitude of experiences that have shaped my life and given me plenty of songwriting inspiration in my career. I’m very fortunate to have had the experiences I’ve had- good and bad because it’s only contributed to some of my favorite material in my discography so far.

In your eyes, how does this track compare to songs we can expect to hear in your album 'Scorpio Season?' “Baby Goodbye” serves as the opening track that kicks off my upcoming album, “Scorpio Season”. The album is divided into a two-part musical saga exploring both my pop and R&B roots. “Baby Goodbye” is obviously featured on the more pop-oriented side of the record. It definitely is an example of the more danceable, pulsating, upbeat tracks on the album and is the first in a series of many exciting pop tracks in sequence on the album.

If you had one thing you wanted fans to take away from this song as a message, what would it be?

The main takeaway from “Baby Goodbye” is that no matter how much pain and heartache one relationship or friendship has caused you in your life, it is never too late to finally pull the plug and begin the healing process of letting go of someone that isn’t good for you anymore. Forward is the only way to go and at the end of the day, heartbreak and breakups are only a moment in time of the grand scene of our lives. And you can always begin again. Even after going through the messy, up-and-down emotional states we often find ourselves in post-breakup. What can we expect to see next from you?

We have an incredible campaign and album-rollout planned for the release of my debut studio album 'Scorpio Season.' We are filming a series of music videos, including one for “Baby Goodbye”. Then we are moving on to an enormous press campaign and some subsequent single releases, culminating in the release of my album later in 2021.