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Hunter Blair Ambrose Is Ready For 'Scorpio Season'

We're thrilled to announce the forthcoming conceptual debut album from New York's very own singer-songwriter and pop/r&b recording artist, Hunter Blair Ambrose.

The forthcoming album, 'Scorpio Season,' is a hefty 17-track record that takes listeners through the story of "a cuffing season fall-time romance gone wrong," notes Ambrose. The record will surely captivate listeners with Hunter Blair Ambrose's approaches to alternative r&b, synth-pop, chilling Toronto hip-hop, and 80s bombastic melodies.

So far, Hunter Blair Ambrose has released four lead singles from 'Scorpio Season,' entitled "Skin Deep (feat. Ye Ali)," "Baby Goodbye," "Too Much," and "Alone Together." All of which have gained much traction and anticipation for the new record. After a private listen to the new album, we were shocked by how well Hunter Blair Ambrose portrayed the dynamic emotions of a passionate relationship gone wrong.

Come back soon for our complete thoughts on Hunter Blair Ambrose's highly-anticipated debut 17-track album, 'Scorpio Season,' coming shortly.

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