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Hvnnibvl Shows Us The Way To "Do It Again."

John Jacob Hannibal V, NY, Buffalo native, began in 2014 to realize his passion for becoming a pop singer and producer. Hvnnibvl emerged in 2016 with records that hit the charts in June 2016 + in February 2017, shining more light on his musical and vocal capabilities.

On a larger scale, Hvnnibvl has opened for massive acts, including Lil Uzi Vert, Blackbear, THEY., and many other artists. HVNNIBVL saw success through collaboration with KDrew on their single Body of Gold. In February 2019, HVNNIBVL relocated to Los Angeles, paving his way in LA through headlining spots at UCLA and The Satellite, as well as notable releases with FelMax and With Løve.

Hvnnibvl expresses his insane vocal abilities throughout his new "Do It Again" record. The R&B-styled melodies surrounded by epic pop production make for a smash record waiting to be discovered. His art speaks for itself, tailored and crafted carefully for the best listening experience; Hvnnibvl takes us somewhere special.

"Do It Again" - Hvnnibvl's latest smash pop record has us in a chokehold! From the synths to the vocals and lyrics, Hvnnibvl takes us to oblivion. His introduction to this record brings across his melodious tones and takes us to a soft cloud back in time. "Do It Again" revolves around the story of how Hvnnibvl's relationship with the woman in the story and how their relationship isn't what it's supposed to be. Unfortunately, his habit of relapsing in his old ways keeps him "Doing It Again" after mentioning that he'd change to her.

Toward the second half of "Do It Again," Hvnnibvl expresses regret toward his actions and habits of not being able to give her all of his energy.

Keeping us entertained and lighting up the atmosphere, Hvnnibvl takes us on an emotional and mind-fogging trip into his life with deep inside stories on their experiences together as a couple. All-in-all a very creative and captivating record by the talented NY native, Hvnnibvl.

Let's keep it dancing with Hvnnibvl's pop-acclaimed record "Do It Again," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic HVNNIBVL, thank you for joining us today - we are in love with "Do It Again", please tell us what the inspiration was behind this record and how was the writing process was like? Thank you, really happy you’re Viking with it. “Do it Again” was an interesting record to create. When it started, I was just making a lot of beats during the pandemic. I was really stressed, as were most people, and most of the sounds I was working with veered to be a little darker. One day I just had a melody idea that was a lot more cheerful than anything else I was doing, and I voice memo’d it and started producing a beat around it. I worked really hard to get the song recorded and mixed to sound the way it does - it took a couple months to actually get it all finished because I also was adapting the way I was mixing and recording. I wanted something with more body to it, which comes a lot from the low-mid frequency range. We noticed many pop elements in "Do It Again", is this a genre you'll continue to dabble in or will there be a point where you'll spread your wings and try different genres? The song is very heavy with acoustic guitar samples because originally it actually had a much more Indie sound, but then the more lyrics started coming to me I changed the percussive elements to be more Hip Hop, which obviously is primarily what defines Pop right now. I’d say in general what defines “Pop” is what makes a song’s potential to be “popular” at the time, which in most cases is the formatting / song structure and the content within the lyrics. I’ve always thought of myself as a Pop artist for that reason, but I am definitely always utilizing different sounds that can make something maybe sound more Dance or Hip Hop or Rock (hint hint), etc. There is a sense of an emotional situation. Tell us what you wanted to bring across to your listeners in this record? Realistically I just wanted to make something relatable - I do describe myself as more of a Pop artist because I try to say things that I think people can relate to, and right now a lot of people are in a bit of a sadder place with everything that’s been happening over the past 2 years. I wanted to be able to relay that no matter how much you want something, sometimes it won’t work - relationships are often one of those things, and sometimes I think the facade of social media makes it seem like things are going perfectly for everyone, when realistically people are going through these things every day. If you had time to learn a new instrument to improve your music, what would it be and why? I 100% wish I could play the guitar. If you listen closely to most of my music, including this song, you will hear a lot of guitar either as a lead element or in the background. I know enough about the intricacies of guitar sounds to get things to sound natural in production, however it would be a lot more beneficial if I had the ability to play it all and not inject layers of sounds. The track number in my songs would certainly be a lot smaller. That said, I’m going to have a lot of real guitar as a part of upcoming production.


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