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HYLYND Sends Us A Sensual Sound With “Pleasure”

HYLYND is from North Carolina, he currently resides in Dallas, Texas. This singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist fell in love with music early on in his life. At the age of two, he was playing the drums and by thirteen was placing and winning singing competitions at state and national levels. HYLYND has been performing at clubs, festivals, and at local and national venues effortlessly engaging the crowds. He writes songs that are both fresh and timeless with a voice to carry them out, HYLYND is destined to change the game. Musical influences ranging from Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, to Led Zeppelin, Queen and U2. The Beat Forest mentions that HYLYND “Crafted out of nostalgic falsetto, sweeping synth patterns, and whimsical songwriting...a feel good blend of 90s synth-pop over modern indie-tronica.” The latest track off of his new EP, “Pleasure”, is surely one to showcase one amazing artist.

This song has an smooth effortless sound. He has that “you’ve been here before” vocals. There’s a blend of R&B, EDM, Rock, Pop and even some Indie influences in this song. The production gives a warm sensation to the soul. I can just feel the lyrics. It’s really indescribable but to feel each word as if you were to connected to it. The story line within the lyrics allow you to vibe along. Using his vocal range in complement with the beat is a talent, a skill. The climax that builds the song into the closing is done exceptionally well. We can't wait to hear what's next from HYLYND!

Listen to "Pleasure" here.

Hi there. Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! I am Hylynd. I’m currently in Dallas, TX and if you’re reading this i want to welcome you to the family.

How did you come up with your stage name and what is meaning behind it?

Most of the time when writing songs, I’m visualizing a physical landscape to produce an air and a feeling. A mainstay for me has always been the highlands, so HYLYND is a wordplay on that. 

What was the creation process like for "Pleasure”?

It started out with a pad patch line from a Yamaha CS80 synth from the 80’s and a filtered beat that had a lot of energy in it. All the sounds and textures needed to have this sense of storm, desperation, and aggressiveness. The main bass line was influenced by “Sade” and comes from the idea of a constant bass line paying no attention to the chords changing on top of it. 

Who influenced the song “Pleasure”?

Believe it or not, Pleasure? Is about losing a close friend and being blind-sighted by it, but as the song progressed lyrically I wrapped it around romantic imagery.

Where can we find you and your music?

The best place to find my music is on Spotify. Even my upcoming shows are there. 

What are you planning on for release this year?

I have several tracks I am working on and have some surprises for a Spring release as well as more releases later this year and a show most likely near you!


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