Hylynd Shares a Romantic Tale With Recent Single, "2x & 1/2 With You"

From North Carolina to Houston, the Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Hylynd releases a soulful Alt-Rock ballad with his latest hit, "2x & 1/2 With You." 

After writing songs for over fifteen years, Hylynd has worked hard to fine-tune his sound that naturally pulls listeners in with warmth, passion, and highly melodic instrumentals. Building on the momentum of his debut EP, 'Born In The Night,' Hylynd is pushing full-steam ahead towards endless music creation. 

Through his latest single, "2x & 1/2 With You," Hylynd goes on to tell a heartwarming story of needing nothing else but his significant other and wanting to take each day one step at a time with his partner by his side. Through blissful instrumentation that sets the song's atmosphere to a heartfelt and passionate tone, we love the overall comfort and contentment within this track, as it's genuinely refreshing to hear nowadays. 

"2x & 1/2 With You" begins with an intricate electronic drum arrangement and soft synth melodies floating in the background. As Hylynd starts singing, we're immediately transported into the song's sweet atmosphere through his romantic lyricism depicting the utmost heart and passion for his partner. 

The instrumentals and production offer the warmth and cheerfulness of ambient Pop music while Hylynd makes the track his own through unique rhythmic breakdowns and the addition of warm instrumentals. A soaring electric guitar solo takes the track by storm around the outro, while Hylynd comes through to offer his entire heart to someone he holds close. 

We're highly intrigued with the likes of Hylynd, especially through his latest passionate Pop single, "2x & 1/2 With You." The song allows listeners to forget their woes and focus on what's giving them joy while humming along with the melodic instrumentals, which sends them even further into bliss. 

Can you take us through what inspired you to write such a romantic and endearing single like "2x & 1/2 With You?" What inspired the song's title as well?

First of all, thank you BuzzMusic! “2x & 1/2 With You” is a song based on the Swedish Proverb that says, “Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half the sorrow”. It’s about settling into the present, realizing life isn’t forever so we better take advantage of it, and that together is better than going alone. 

Regarding the thorough and in-depth lyrical content you've provided with "2x & 1/2 With You," how did you go about writing your lyrics to deliver the profound emotions you feel? Was it easy for you to write from such a sincere place?

This one was easier for me to complete lyrically because I REALLY have lived it. I’ve lived not taking advantage of the present, and not binding together enough with the ones I love during difficult times because it’s easier for me to self isolate and try to carry things alone. This song was my way of saying to myself and others, HEY! It’s better to lean into life’s problems AND joys with people, versus alone.

Speaking on the melodic and passionate instrumentals/production within "2x & 1/2 With You," what did your creative process look like when creating your instrumentals and production to offer a similar vibe as your lyrics?

This one started out with some chords on the Juno 106, and I decided I never wanted this one to get super big towards the end like some of my other tracks. I wanted it sonically to echo what the lyrics were doing, which is that we’re not in a hurry and we have time to just ride. You’ll notice the drums stay in the same pocket throughout and that was key for me. 

We've heard that your songwriting is a strong point within your music career. How do you write songs to not only be engaging, but memorable and stand the test of time?

I think it all starts and ends with what you love most in songs. I’ve always felt like Melody is king and queen. I wrap beats and lyrics around what the melody is doing and great melodies are what make songs, IMO, timeless. I grew up listening to Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Whitney Houston, and a common thread there is they all put out timeless music. And that’s my main goal, trendy is not. Thanks for having me. I have more coming for y’all soon!