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Hyperspace Brings The Energy With Their Lively New Single, "Barbara Gordon"

Craving and striving for greatness, the band began their musical journey back in September of 2011, naming themselves "Hyperspace." Their latest 2022 release, "Barbara Gordon," gives us a taste of the versatile musical palette that the collective can provide.

In addition to the single (song) release, Hyperspace has released an art out of their new music video for the record. The video consists of a young kid watching "Barbara Gordon" on TV and watching her 'kick ass'. The video is a perfect visual representation of the track; with all its fun elements in the production, you can't help but enjoy the crazy visuals paired with it.

The overall sonics by Hyperspace combines hypnotic and energetic production and perfect storytelling to drive this record home. The impact has us dancing, like a kid in a room whose imagination runs wild 24/7—taking us back to our younger days as a youth watching our favorite characters on TV 'kick ass'.

The record opens up with electrifying guitar instrumental and drum performance, setting the tone before the vocals begin, giving us such a punk-ish, Avril Lavigne-styled record, keeping things fun and courageous. It sounds like the very popular style of 2000s music and its funkiness and indie-feeling to the melodies and storytelling.

"Barbara Gordon" sounds like a superhero record that plays as they show off some legendary action. For most listeners, this record will be a blast from the past and a style of music we could never forget. Hyperspace delivers the most exciting and rejuvenating record with a thrilling music video to top off the viewer experience.

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