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“I’m Good” By Jahan X Will Have You Feeling More Than Good

From San Francisco, Jahan X is an artist in many forms. Jahan X started off as a lifestyle entertainer in the Bay Area, then he moved to Ecuador for two years and got drafted to their pro league, then he came back to San Francisco to pursue his most prominent talent, music. Talk about being multitalented! Jahan X knew that music was his true calling since he was an adolescent. He started recording in his dads’ garage when he was a kid, and now he’s ready to revitalize his passion and make a career for himself.

“I’m Good” is my favourite track from Jahan X because it really showcases his talent and ability to make music that is more than a short-lived radio hit.

Jahan X says, “I make feel good music, it’s all about vibes and setting the mood”. His track “I’m Good” will make you feel more than just good.The song gives off a carefree, pool party vibe that puts you in the mood to drink a piña colada or five! This song infuses the listener with a major boost of confidence along with positivity and good energy. Keep your eye out for Jahan X and his future releases!

Listen to "I'm Good" here and get to know more about Jahan X below!

We love your hit “I’m Good”! What inspired you to write this track? 

I wrote “I’m Good” because I had one song out before I made “I’m good” and its rap song but my style isn’t just rap I really don’t like to put my style in a box so when my producer played the beat to I’m good I was like “oh yeah!! This got that pop bounce and that’s what I’m looking for so I put the beat on and just freestyle in a catchy way the I fined tuned the lyrics and boom! I’m good was made my mind is set on making catch fun music you can vibe to

Does your experience working as an entertainer or in playing pro basketball have an effect on your career in the music industry?

Now days the entertainment world is so open to were you can do more then one thing I do believe there is some pros and cons to it most people know me from the adult industry world I get notice in pubic for it but music was my first love and I feel I have a opportunity to use my platform to get people interested in my music I’m a entertainer with talent so I think most will vibe with me

Is there any message that you want your listeners to get out of “I’m Good”?

I’m Good is about fun vibes of course when you hear it its no deep message but I want it to bring joy like the title say it all I’m good! So when you in a good mood and no one cant take that from you play I’m good

What made you want to start creating music again?

I been wanting to make music again for a long time and I’m at a level in my life to where I can explore other things and I love music who doesn’t and I really feel I can provide people good music I started making music at 13 years old so I had to get back in it I don’t want to say what if I got back into it

Will we see any new music from you in 2019?

2019 I’m going full force I have “I’m good” out and “hell of a day” on all platforms I’m in the process of moving to las Vegas where I’m going to work on a music video to “I’m good” and two more singles I’m working on and this summer I have a big campaign to promote my songs and towards the end of the year ill most likely put out a EP


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